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Well first off: As stated by a guy in another review. (With rather bad grammar, which is I'm my main reason doing this.)

This is not a continuation of the main series. It's a jump to two different battles rather late in the story. So to be honest: If you haven't read the manga; this is just going to spoil the anime (or/and the manga) for you, and even if you watch it without having read the manga you won't really know what's happening. 

If you still intend to watch it anyways be my guest.

Also if you are interested in the what the main story is about you can find out more here:




Also would've added ANN page, but it seems that the page is down at the moment, so I might add it later if there is an edit option. Also the manga is far better than the anime, it's even missing a few characters.



Now when that's cleared up; I'll actually do the review:

The Genres: 
Ecchi, shounen, action, and comedy

The themes:
High school, delinquents, and sport
(well I'm kinda unsure about the sport part, since the skates, or "air trek" if you wish, have engines.) 


The story is solid to the original and works out good animated, it looks good as well. This seems more of a teaser for those who read the manga, than it is to attract more viewers. The reason for that may be that they are planning to continue the series, or at least so did Oh!Great (Ogure Ito, the author of the manga) say at a conference a few years ago. The reason why they didn't air it all at once was most likely because the author was writing several manga at once. So he announced that the continuation of the anime is likely to be postponed until the manga is complete, which it has been now for about six months or so. Most likely to avoid a lot of fillers like what happened to Bleach and Naruto.

Since I'm doing this, I'm going to let you know my overall thoughts of it by grading it:

Story line: 10/10 Because it keeps true to the manga, and it's a rather good story.

Battles (Action, intensity, etc.): 9/10
Because they chose two of the most interesting battles when the OVA was released.
Yet they seem a bit more slow-paced here than in the manga.

Visuals: 7/10 The reason why I'm giving it a such a low score in comparison is;
     a personal opinion on some details. There is also some effects that distort the imagery.

Audio & dialogues: 9/10 Good Voice acting, still a bit cheesy dialogues though, but not like: "I'm doing a sneak attack!" when the character's about to strike. (Like in a lot of other anime.)

Combined score: 8,5-9/10

The next part is mainly for those who has read the manga to tell them about where it is,
as I cannot recall the chapter numbers. However if you wish to, you are free to read it, as if those who haven't read the manga may be able to understand the situation better. Still I won't recommend it, as I've finished reading the series. I'd rather want them to just read the manga, at least I do not regret doing so, as it is the very first manga I've finished reading.

(Episode mapping.):


The first episode: Is about when Ringo attacks Sim

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first this is not in between the anime, this is way later in the manga , were ikka need to stop the old sky-king and were he fucks up the roads and he become the "MOTHERFUCKING STORM-KING" , because his jest that of a boss, if you did not read the manga then you have no idea whats going on at, all so your opinion is invalid, 
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agree with everything and tar and feather that dude.~!

WTB air gear 2nd season or remake with more story >.> its clearly popular 

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   A false prequel!
The 3 OVA's for Air Gear seem like a completely different series. The entry says it's between episodes 21 and 22, but it's obviously a continuation of where Air Gear left off. The OVA's can't even compare to the original series; in fact i'm extremely confident they replaced the old director for a newer shittier one, which was stupid. Everything is very confusing; Ringo fatally injures Simca(who is now a weak rider and cant compete with anything, even though she was one of the best). Also, she turns out to be Ringo's twin sister. Team Kogerasu-maru is mentioned but Ikki is the only one who ever appears. Everyone has super powers now, they did in the original too, but this is like Bleach powers now, it ruins these few episodes that were supposed to complete everything. Worst of all they got rid of Air Gear's comedic charm! They replaced the laid-back, careless, bite your head off humor, which made the series what it is, for shitty, intense drama. I'm glad this wasn't dubbed and brought to America, if I were in charge i would've scolded the director for ruining such a legendary anime! This is one anime i'm glad is Japan exclusive!
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