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Year: 2019
Tags: Yaoi, Shounen Ai
Rating: R+ - Mild Nudity

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Papa datte, Shitai

"There are Times I Cannot Hold It, Even If I'm a Father" University student Asumi came to Naruse household to be a housekeeper for his part-time job. The family consists of a single-father and a son Ichika. Among them, the father Naruse is too sexy for Asumi!! Even if he is not gay, Asumi gets conscious of Keiichi, and when he noticed that Keiichi is sexually unsatisfied by noticing him watching adult video in his room, he would unconsciously get tempted to attack himů! "Naruse-san, you're too sexy for a father with a child...!"
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Jan 14 2019
SUB - Ep. 1
Jan 14 2019
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