Year 2015
Type TV
Eps 13
Rating R- 17+ Violence & Profanity


Action Fantasy
      2018-04-21 15:43:03

This show had everything you could need or want. It was funny, bad ass, clever, and never one time did i feel annoyed.

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      2016-08-18 04:42:16
this anime had me laughing and had this bad ass feel to it! too bad only 13 episodes! the main character is hilarious but very clever and experienced not to mentioned overpowered! it is similar to sword art online and log horizon because of the obvious stuck in a fantasy game world which became reality. 5 star rating because i didn't get bored!
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     2015-09-01 17:51:21
Have you watch all the classics & want something original? Watch this anime

If like me you have watch hundreds of anime or just love the feeling being released from your boredom by new original anime with great timing, art, dialog,  opening & closing music, that extra continuation at the end of an anime without making it cute or funny. If you wanna feel again the excitement just when 'sword art online' or 'attack on the titans' came out, with a little bit kindness of 'utawarerumono' and the epicness of 'heroic age'  This Is Your Anime ;) 

The anime starts of strong until episode 5, after all consideration this is pretty dam good. Episode 5 - 7 are more of kind nature. In episode 8 near the end it finely gets awesome.  Scoring wise it is at least 8 out of 10.It isn't mind blowing or a creation of a total new (sub)genre or some other way to justify a 10 out of 10 Like 'Akira'.

Neither is it a cheap as copy of an anime style  or desperate attempt to incorporate every popular sub-character from tsundere to yuri/yaoi/traps. 



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      2015-08-27 18:24:57
GREAT GREAT GREATT!!! OMG this isn't the most original, having similarities to SAO and others. BUT!!!! Its good. I really enjoy it, it's a super refreshing take on the genre and a breath of fresh air for the season. Great OP MC. Awesome character design. 
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      2015-07-18 09:33:01
Overlord Review


So I gave it a 10/10 because I really like anime's that are similar to NGNL,LOG,SAO. And this anime really reminded me on how op the mc's are and how funny they can be, another reason is "I'm a diehard fan of OP mc's" somewhat like similar to those 3 I said earlier. The anime is about Yggdrasil, a popular which is shutdown one day, But in the case of the protagonist he decided not to log out so basically he's stuck in the game. The protagonist is a skeleton mage known as "the most powerful wizard" in the game.With no clue whats happening he strives to get as much as information he can knowing he is stuck in the game. The anime is basically an OP protagonist stuck in a  game trying to find a away out and at the same time trying to take over the new world the game has become.I REALLY REALLY RECOMMEND THIS anime to you guys who loves similar anime to NGNL,LOG and SAO, you wont be be disappointed I promise, especially the first few episodes of the anime because of the humor XD ~yourstrulyfeedlesax

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      2015-07-04 21:12:48

I hope this anime gets 24 or 26 episodes! i already read the WB and LN. Its very good story, i hope they don't censored the hardcore scenes!


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