Year 2015
Type TV
Eps 12
Rating R- 17+ Violence & Profanity

OPM is amazing although most people hate an overpowered character because its boring and predictable. Saitama isnt and amazingly he breaks the trend of overpowered character in terms of looks, purpose, and signature moves, heck even his naming in his skills are hilarious.

What makes OPM excellent is the fact that the character designs are epic except saitama when he is in his normal mode, take for instance Genos he's one badass character and most side characters are Unique and most likely a parody which is expected.

The fights arent boring as one would expect with an OP MC, in fact its more interesting and intense we as the audience are all eager to see the moment when the villain is defeated, now bottomline is other characters like Mumen Rider and Sonic are all colorful characters their backstory are not fully explored but we feel their purpose we understand how they works because it was shown perfectly.  

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One Punch Legend

 "If the heroes run and hide, who will stay and fight?"

 There's nothing more cliche than starting a review with a quote that summarizes the very definition of a true hero, the definition of Saitama himself. But what is it that truly makes a man stand out from the others? What is it that makes a warrior be able to walk among others without an equal? Is it the raw strength of their arm or the fearlessness in the eyes as they charge toward the enemy? No. No man can be measured by one's actions. Result is what matters in life and sadly people tend to forget what some of us have to go through to achieve these results.

 Saitama, the protagonist of OPM, has a vision. He is in search of a villain powerful enough to oppose his mind-boggling potency. Sadly, his capabilities seem endless and there is no villain who can counter such vast power. Though he will never give up, remember, nothing matters in life except for results. His vision is what keeps him going. We may live however we wish but what makes us stand above others is how we will be remebered. Saitama has a vision. He does not care how the world sees him as long as he sees the world and the objective ahead of him.

 What I, the viewer, enjoy about this show is that we've been given a story like no other. The protagonist has reached the level of omnipotence and there doesn't seem to be any progression in the growth of the character. The standard example of sh?nen has one mediocre central figure that dukes it out against extremely powerful adversaries via various forms of martial arts and superpowers. Throughout the journey he/she goes through some intense training or preparation which all climaxes at the final confrontation with the antagonist. With OPM it's like we've skipped the development of powers and jumped right to the end of the journey. So, now what?

We have a hero with almost godlike potential but no emotional background to captivate us. It's as if we've been given an empty cup aching to be filled. We aren't bored with an endless training routine that seems to drag on&on&on... instead we have a blank sheet of paper and can focus only on the creation of a selfless, somewhat noble and a sanctified hero that the world truly deserves. We witness prejudice, jealousy and even oppressive actions projected toward the hero and still he is able to stand above it all. A genuine hero!

 I'm not going to rate this show with numbers because I find it limiting the purpose of this review and we all have our own opinions. We can't set boundaries to the growth of an ongoing story thus I'll leave it open for now and give you a vague viewpoint of my thoughts. It's something we dreamed of in the past but never thought possible. We feel excitement when someone shows the fruit of their training and discover that their limits have been pushed higher yet again, but when one displays unfathomable prowess, you start to wonder just how does it all culminate, where is the ceiling... if there even is one.

 Fortunately, life is dull without little humorous incidents and OPM presents them in the best way possible. Every action is accentuated by the protagonist's apathetic personality and you can't really imagine someone like that existing in reality.

 Lastly, I believe Saitama will find his anti-Saitama to reside very close to him. I believe he is the hero and the villain in the same body since there is no-one else to face him on equal grounds.


MoronHarmony out!

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OPM, you better watch this now ASAP

OPM GUYS! Straight up full of action pack comedy shit, this anime was really my type when it comes to genre since it's kind off a parody I guess and the fact that I liked (spoiler alert) op mc's like this one. The anime was simply great and at the same time the art was freakin' awesome as well as the plot a, I can't even see the cons of this anime like it's so great that I can't help admiring it all the time LOL but never the less ONE OF THE GREATEST anime I've seen since Gintama where gintama was also a fan favorite.  No doubt that OPM is my #1 anime.

plot, art, action, etc. everything was 10/10!  

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An anime worth 5 stars

This is the anime of the season.  Up until now, I was worried that I would be subjugated to sub par animes that all other reviewers would give "5 STARS" and a great review only to be extremely disappointed and thinking to myself, "Man this is like a 3 or 4 star anime, it's ok I guess..." 

This anime I REPEAT this anime is 5 stars.

10/10 Animation

10 /10 Comedy

10/10 Plot

I can honestly say that with confidence having only seen three episodes.  If you don't like this show then you are not a true anime fan and I can only pray that your seed is wiped from the face of the Earth seeing as your opinion is null and void. To those of you that watched One Punch Man because of this review, " You are the chosen Ones..." 

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Uh.... yay?

New favorite anime.  


Good Music-Check

Good Plot-Check

OP MC-CheckCheckCheckCheckCheckCheckCheckCheckCheckCheckCheckCheckCheckCheckCheckCheckCheckCheckCheckCheckCheckCheckCheckCheckCheckCheck

Satire of the ages-Check it like a boss.


This is going to be an amazing show.  First two eps are quite literally the most interesting beginning to a series I have ever seen.  I'm hooked like a big fucking fish.  


Thank you for listening and please enjoy. 

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Figured best way to tell everyone about this, the first episode aired for real so the mirrors now have full and proper subs! time for some awesome OPM action these coming weeks!
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The Bold, The Bald, and The Funny
LOL Poor OPM (One Punch Man) I really wanted his dream to be real. This has the makings of a hilarious parody anime, let us see how it progresses.
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