Year 2007
Type TV
Eps 500
Rating PG 13 - Teens
     2016-03-18 08:55:36
naruto 70 filler episodes throw back
I know alot  are frustrated about these looooooong term fillers espacially me cause i had saved up almost 100 episodes to watch in the future, when i feel its the right time, but u know what iam kinda glad about these long fillers, it lets me know their devoted for another spinoff series - 3rd naruto saga spinoff created by kishimoto as well - because of how badly the fans want it to come back. So guys be ready for another looooooooooooonger term of filler because its just starting, i would save them up instead if you are interested to know.
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  2016-02-04 20:55:19
End it Already
Bleach ended on a great note not a lot of fillers toward the end, but this show has gone on so long its just dead. New after series already passed and they can't even stop showing this crap just end it it's a crap-cow now not a cash cow.
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The Truth
    2015-07-10 03:25:22

I believe with all the hard work that the producers have I still think that Naruto is lacking something. The fillers are extremely annoying and compared to like bleach's fillers they generally leave the us bored and tired of the anime. Naruto's obsession with Sasuke is frankly disturbing( IN MY OPINION). Naruto would risk the lives of many so that he can get Sasuke back who frankly doesnt want to go back to Konoha. People have died protecting Naruto like Neji who was my favourite character and led me being in a very depressed state sometimes back but that does not change the fact that Naruto needs to be able to grow up. The life lessons about darkness is really boring and leaves the reader/watcher unenthusiastic about the show. The lovey-dovey is frankly underdeveloped but that does not change the fact that with proper development not by fillers or flashbacks it will enable the reader/watcher to be more inter-tuned with the fabric that makes up the show. But otherwise the fight scenes are pretty good and I LOVE the character development somewhat

P.S: My favourite character are Kakashi, Gaara, :( Neji and KURAMA :) 

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    2015-06-07 06:14:43
Pepper and Coffee
I've never seen an anime that loved basking in itself more than this one. It tries to add significance to literally every other scene by making the characters reminisce about how something related to the scene affected their lives in some deep and profound way. When actually, the reality of the scene doesn't call for it. It's like if I went to grab a Dr. Pepper from the fridge and then just sat down and reflected about the first time I ever had a Dr. Pepper and how it's always there for me in the hard times; and did this every time I went to get a Dr. Pepper. It never lets the moments just play out and flow naturally. Instead, it stops the flow of the plot by making everything way deeper than it needs to be. To metaphor it, this anime is a bad cup of coffee. It started out naturally brewed and it was fine, but then they started to add a little cream to it to enhance the flavor, and it was still fine. But then they kept putting more and more creamer to it, and now we're left to what Naruto is today, a way too rich cup of coffee that can't be enjoyed all at once. Instead, you just come back to it every so often for a little sip. In fact, are we sure that Christopher Nolan didn't have a hand in directing this?
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  2015-05-24 18:42:08

This is one of the worst shows; I did watch -talking bout long runners here- most of one piece and bleach (even managed to finish bleach). I took a break of 3 years or more from this one because of it's unbearably stupid fillers; i started watching again hoping that it's finished but ended up skipping through fillers, again. Naruto is going to be an 7-8/10 * series after some site will trim all the 300 full of bullsh1t episodes. This "anime" will make you feel ripped off every time you encounter it's fillers (which is VERY often). The creators even managed to make canon episodes feel like fillers; are they creating a 20 minutes episode out of 1 page of manga?

Do yourself a service and watch , as others have stated, something better: SAO, death note, berserk, avatar, code geass, attack on titan, soul eater, hellsing, tokyo ghoul even akame ga kill or blood+ or even chris colorado . Until some1 trims the horrible fillers that just make shit an otherwise good series, don't bother with this one.

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      2015-05-22 22:09:47
fillers end
So it appears these long fillers are finally going to end. We have 1 more non canon episodes and the canon material will be returning on May 28th with the episode titled "The Brink of Death
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   2015-02-26 15:05:11
To "anime fans"

If you think this anime "is a masterpiece" (yes, I've seen some say that) you are ether 

A - 12 years old

B - mentally retarded, like serious, down syndrome or something, clinical anyway

C - trollling

Stop wasting time, go watch something decent  like aot or deathnote and maybe after that you will be ready to see some real masterpieces

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      2015-02-23 08:32:08
Re: Previous Review

Ignorance is bliss.. Haters wouldn't understand the plot of this anime and the time it will take to build up each characters... Sure it can use some more development that's why they make up for the fillers.. Sometimes they go too far but nothing we can do about it.. Personally, I enjoy fillers and sidetracks to understand why the characters become who they are.. It pains me to see someone rate Naruto (a masterpiece) for a 1-star.. I am actually amazed of how Naruto is connected to 3rd -> Jiraiya (master) -> 4th (father) -> Kakashi

                                                                              Tsunade                                      Obito

                                                                              Orochimaru                                  Rin

 the list would go on but it will always take us back to the Chunin Exam or the lives of those important characters and give us a slight hint of their role to the anime 

 It's not really a review, I was just trying to defend Naruto Shippuden. Though I hope it helped.


P.S. To the previous review.. GET OUT of the anime if you're criticizing it or you'll make people like me toxic to you since the majority enjoys this anime. 

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  2015-02-22 07:26:57
My only wish is I could meet the creator and punch him in the face. Then for the rest of his life he can flashback to that point and go through it all over again. A brain damaged monkey can create a better "anime" then this. Unfortunately for this site it is named after this "anime". Do yourself a favor, skip this disappointment and move to an anime that actually progresses and adds to the plot instead of tossing in pointless fillers and flashbacks.
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    2014-12-16 10:26:41
This is a good anime.
Naruto is a good anime, a lot of action and dialogue with the right amount of suspense. But it's just not for some people. Everyone will normally recommend this and it's not a bad recommendation. The fact of the matter is that everyone who watches anime has to be able to feel for the characters. You just can't feel for most of these characters. Because their stories feel too cliche, they don't have enough depth, or any number of reasons. And some of the things that happen in the anime are just so dumb you don't even get mad, excited or anything. If your a shonen fan, or just getting into anime I highly recommend this show though. The fight scenes are exciting and there are twists that you won't expect. But if you've watched lots of anime (you probably know what I'm talking about when I say this, but) the show  just starts to feel like it's not worth the watch.
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     2014-12-14 23:08:05
Good to watch

I very engaging anime but I must say that the fillers are the only reason it isn't five stars. been watching for more years then I care to remember and I kno everyone is sad to see it go but im glad it will not end up like bleach and fairytail. no hate but half a show of fillers is bad and an fighting anime with no death loses weight. "power of friendship" wears thin after a while.
watch this if A) you have time B) you like comedy, actions and magic type elements and C) want an anime that can make you feel and has character development!!

Love you naruto

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      2014-11-23 18:55:58
to all naruto fans with all respect please watch the episodes on crunchy wall and support the animation. as u all know naruto is coming to a conclusion and thats the last thing i want to see happen. iam a huge naruto fan and ive been for 8 years i just want the animation to continue growing and expanding for a longer time like ONEPIECE TOWARDS THE 3RD GENERATION(PROJECT). so come on be lazy and smart. PEEEEAAACE AFRO OUT
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     2014-04-24 11:52:05
review on naruto
Look yes fillers are anoying but the current ones serve a lot of purpose there acctually is no major blips in the story line if you read the manga everything in the show makes sense i think to like this show but you have to to open your mind and be hopeful dont jusy give up on it because you dont get something just keep watching because overr time it gets much clearer at the moment im up tp date with the manga and being honest and everything i still watch the anime because you can see the way it has been made why and how the autor, kishimoto has planned everything. The anime isnt made by kishi rhey just use his ideas thats wy i personally like manga more since its fresh from the author. In fact you dot acctually have to read the manga as it says pretty much the same things as anime. I do reccomend it since not only is it interesting you generally want to know how it ends will sasuke ever come back? Or will he destroy he village, who are the all jnowing ones? Oros back! Will he plot against konoha, will kakashi take it knowing his closest friend is the enemy is it even possible for them to defeat madara ? Naru vs sasu who will win? these are all questions you ask yourself after every episode and lets just say, i dont think they will make any fillers during wats coming up . This show doesnt acctually ignoore sub characters it just notr everyone has a interesting backstory, take sakura she has a dad and a mum fullstop she lived happily with a bunch of friends, the boy she likes ran away, sad right but then ur done arent u . But all the ones with deep personal stories have been shared if u want go complain there being left out and theyll give you a year worth of poimtless epis bout every ones backstory right? Anyway i. You do wonder wy this happend there forums were u can read stuff were ppl discuss whethernwat happend was bs or not and possible theories on how.
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      2013-12-11 16:53:52
I Love This Anime

All of my anime watching friends have urged me to watch this anime from the naruto days and I was originally reluctant because I didn't want to watch something about kids. Eventually i decided to download the whole lot up to shippuden and I must say that this is genuinely one of my favorites hands down, no questions asked, absolutely loved it from episode one.

I mean seriously, yeah it has immaturity and naruto is a little stupid, but it grows on you as the anime progresses because you feel heartbroken, elated, crushed, etc for some of these characters. There is so much tenacity and spirit as well as determination and after a few episodes you actually find yourself smiling at his stupidity because it's actually a major part of where he gets himself emotionally. How could you possibly survive as him without such a The characters definitely grow, except maybe sakura, and yeah theres immaturity but come on! Where, even in the real world, would you find no immaturity???

It's deep and motivational where even some of the fillers are interesting. Not all of them ofc but if you can suffer bleach fillers these are a breeze(don't get me wrong i enjoyed bleach too but atleast there are no tacky super heroe fillers in naruto) with my favorite from naruto being the one where they try and reveal kakashi's beaver/fish lips face(KO).

Overall i think this anime is an excellent watch for the determiniation and strength from the characters; my common favorites also lie with some dark characters XD who also have their own awesome quirks!

Love this anime to bits! So much so that i could easily rewatch 90% of the episodes and recommend it to anyone who enjoys a nice long story that genuinely connects with a large audience because it has so much to offer!

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      2013-09-11 22:04:15
good by naruto
they annoced that there going to end naruto shippudden this year then come out with the final movie they also sied that there going to kill some one off in the movie
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      2013-07-31 23:58:29
Naruto Episode 322


Madara has got to be the most badass villain in all of anime.

Hes just wiping the floor with every shinobi that comes his way like NOTHING! (Madara is just like Aizen from Bleach both have extreme overpowered powers except Madara is even stronger then even the main character can beat)

WATCHING this episode I am definitely gonna be looking forward to watching the next episode!

Quality, Animation, Action, Suspense, Personal Enjoyment = 9.5/10 (Sound track not really noticeable)

 If the anime Naruto had no fillers and kept to the main story line it would be an anime everyone would like (Believe it) 

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      2013-07-30 02:56:25
A Classic, and It's Evolving.

Right, so I started watching Naruto some odd 10 years ago through the Anime Club's Wednesday Night Screening, where they showcase various anime for a few episodes per title. If the show is likeable enough, a certain number of votes ensure that that anime will air the next few episodes. Naruto happens to be a popular series to watch over again, despite reaching 130 episodes at the time of the screening. Before my departure from the club (Due to moving house) the guys gave me 130 episodes of Naruto.... which I watched for 3 straight days and nights, pausing only for meals, toilet breaks and occasional naps. It was that particular period I felt as if no matter how badly off the path they strayed, to me Naruto series will always be my favorite.

 Cue to today's latest incarnation, Naruto Shippuden. With more episodes than the original, we could see that its share of fanbases have not slowed. For those of you who complained about how notorious Naruto's fillers are, ask yourselves this: will you still watch Naruto as a whole? Do you have what it takes to even appreciate Naruto to watch the series again from the very beginning? Because I would. I would watch even the beginning of Naruto, and all the fillers associated with it, then jump to Naruto Shippuden and watch it all the way through! Again! Because I still love Naruto to death. Never mind the technical details like fillers! All the more interesting scenarios Naruto or his friends have to face in the heat of the moment! So dive right in and enjoy the show for the sake of enjoying it, without worrying about what others think.


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  2013-07-30 00:07:22
Naruto Sucks Donkey Ass! I mean Shit!!!
this series is shit period! it was once good but its shit now! if you are either 9-15 then you may love this series otherwise don't even come near it! the main character is the same as he was 4 years ago a time skip does nothing for him he's dumb, immature, he never grew up, sorry, lame, stupid, (he never grew smarter)  he even still looks the same as he did when he was a kid and even dress the same and he only uses two moves throughout the whole series!!? he's a dumb ass! a one trick pony who lusts after his friend a BOY!!! and would the destroy the whole world to get him
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The Jojo 420
      2013-07-28 20:02:02
naruto shippuden
ok you horse fuckers this anime is the shit and to the people that don't like it go fuck you mother with a knife plan and simple fuck you and have a nice day
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  2013-07-27 08:44:55
Quantity over Quality
Cheap & nasty animation it looks as bad as Onepiece now, don't know what they are thinking but the animation has gone down the toilet.
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      2013-07-26 20:27:58
Hey Idiots!
The Fillers are over, haven't you been watching. THEY ARE OVER!!! Naruto doesn't suck anymore!
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    2013-07-26 05:05:57
to iskavin
im sorry to dissapoint you in your lecture to kkken, but i think he is right. alot of shows just go on hold till the manga can get ahead further, which would be more respectful to the quality to the show. by just blurting out senseless fillers you only get more material to sell, it all revolves around money(as usual). if they would be doing it for the fans, they would only make a couple new naruto movies. THOSE are for the fans. but dont start yapping that the fillers are for the fans: clearly they are made for profit, and deteriorate the allround quality of the show.
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     2013-07-24 22:56:09
So to  KKKen123, you seem to know nothing about production; so stop. You do realise that they don't have to release episodes right? But for the fans, they try their best. You do realise that it's not just about the show, but the manga as well, right? They've released episodes non-stop since 2002/2003 and they hadn't even released 300 chapters then. So of course the show would catch up to the manga, which is bad because the show and manga would have to go on hiatus until they finished drawing, writing, and producing more copies of the manga to release. They make most of their money off the manga so get your facts straight. Greed? It's all about the fans for the creator. The show does indeed have many fillers but without the fillers, there would be no show. 
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    2013-07-24 11:03:58
Naruto Break

This show has gone down to the toilet and it’s not the series fault it’s the animation. The show has become so diluted with boring fillers and unnecessary flashbacks that when it builds up tension it gets numb down with a couple fillers and ridiculously long flashbacks. Fillers are a good thing they give you insight into a character but don’t blast people with them it simply gets tedious to watch after a while. Flashbacks can help build up a story but in excess can bring it down especially if is just repeating the same shit over and over again. Also don’t put long ass flashbacks in the middle of a fight it takes away the excitement and makes it look cheap instead do it before they start fighting. I think greed has taken its toll on the show’s quality and I’ll wait until it finishes and skim through the bullshit.

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    2013-05-09 23:29:37
What can I really say about this anime other than it's the big 3 and well it's just not as interesting as it used to be. I mean I've been watching Naruto since like 2005 and I loved it but I guess watching this for 8 years have put a toll on my likeliness towards it. Now I find myself constantly thinking, don't watch this week it's probably a filler(I mean fillers have some points towards it. It gives general information and backgrounds of other characters. Which I don't mind at all.) but half the time through out the season, It's always been about Naruto and Sasukes weird forbidden love. The most annoying part of it is that the flashback aren't even consistent. The connection between Naruto and Sasukes meeting and other things always changes scenarios(or maybe I'm just getting it wrong) but moving on it does still have good bits and I just really want to see something good in the 4th ninja war.
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      2013-04-27 18:00:49
BEST ANIME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This awesome anime made up my childhood and is still my favorite. Trust me, I have watched a lot of other anime series too but Naruto definitely inspires us a lot. Of course it does have some fillers. But they are not that bad and some of them are very good indeed. Naruto has lots of great fighting scenes, plots, twists and it teaches us a lot about friendship, hard work, willpower and so much more. It is really an anime worth watching. Besides the manga is also doing really great. Give it a try and you will see what I mean.

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      2013-02-17 16:30:08
No Jutsu!
Ive been a big fan of Naruto since it first premiered on Toonami. I watched the first season of Naruto dubbed. And i was wondering why it ended but i was wrong, I found Naruto Shippuden. This anime is amazing just like the original series. Every should know what Naruto is about, a boy who is aiming to be Hokage so that he can be acknowledge. But there is more to it, he has a very sad and touching past. While many people may bash on this anime about too many fillers, I cannot lie, Ive complained many times about the fillers but it is a great series. We sometimes need to understand that the anime cant get close to the manga. But right now im very happy where Naruto is heading. The 4th great shinobi war is epic.
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      2013-02-17 05:21:05
erroor on pain saga
they made a error on the pain saga Kohonomru kill the pain that can revive ppl then he was back to life when they did the power of the six cuz he had to revive the pain that can shoot missiles but how was he alive when kohonomru killed him that was a error by the aruthor
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   2013-02-15 23:31:05
the ultimate flash back anime ever

i have to say i loved this show for many years because i grew up with it but last i think 150 episodes i have gotten very pissed off i really don't care about naruto passed because i have this awkward moment where i can legit repeat it word for word in Japanese and English and i don't even speak Japanese that's how many times they have repeated it although the flash backs of sasuke in this series intrigued the hell out of me and put a lot of sense into what happened if i have to say though i mostly enjoy when a gaara flash back comes back because honest fuck naruto and sasuke life when it comes to sadness and sorrow to gaara never knew his mother his father fucking hated him it seemed and his teacher who was his only friend and uncle later on you find out tried to kill him his brother and sister where terrified of him well you get the point if i have to say something its that yes this anime is awesome in short periods and that is horrible for so long and just makes you go AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH FUCKING SHIT ANOTHER BULL SHIT EPISODE WHY DO THEY KEEP MAKING ME WAIT EVERY WEEK GIVE ME DOUBLES IF ANYTHING  and i know im going to get so much shit for calling it awesome for short periods but if you look over series and review comments and really just side fact the fact that we all really grew up with this anime you will agree if i have to rate this anime just because the creator now has said i don't like this series im dragging it out for the money i gotta drop it down to a 7 out of 10 if i look at in my sentimental view of it to growing up with it of course its a 10 out of 10

the 2 out of 5  stars is based on my title for my review of that part of the show

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     2013-02-15 22:09:52
Came this far, cant stop watching

Naruto began like that: Naruto himself was anoying weak, Sasuke was a complexed maniac kid and Kakashi did all the job. We liked it because the char was the weaker, dumber, he only served as a tool of comparisson another ninjas better than him (Neiji, Lee, gaara etc.).

The drama is good, in a context of shinobis not being only tools and stuff. The only moments when Naruto did something useful was when Kyuubi took the wheels, Not Naruto again.


Then everything began to change: he became froglike, kicked Someone as powerful as the sage of six paths. Not having enough, he fuse himself with his tailed beast and gained superman power and... BECAME THE RUKUDOU SENNIN HIMSELF instead of some half hume half beast, like Bee and other jinchurikis!


My whole point here is NARUTO GREW TOO POWERFUL TOO FAST UNATURALY AND UNEXPLAINED, AND THAT SUCKS TO THE STORY. Don't you think it is a little forced his evolution?

I'm from Brasil, so please don't complain for the english, still learning. Thanks. 

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    2013-02-14 16:55:38
This will be by far the best review for Naruto Shippuden

For one the series will almost be over. If your just watching it , i recommend you skip all the fillers. Many of the fighting scenes will make no sense. Such as how an anbu ninja(supposebly only a little weaker than a hokage) which is the strongest ninja in the village.Tends to die very often ,. The creator doesnt really care about anyother characters except Naruto. Which is great becuase the show is called _NARUTO. but  I fell in love with some side characters and it suck to see them , So... left behind. Naruto is dissapointing at times. 



Other than that the Fighting is insane , and the drama is perfect.

+1. Fighting

+1character develop

+1 Comedy

- 1 side characters left behind

-1 Some parts just make no sense what so ever. You make think that owe i jut dont know what im talking about.

But i actually pay attention to every detail.

I'm not saying im that cool , but ahem lol i beat Ocarina of time's water temple ... in 30 mins.  

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    2013-02-14 15:13:51
Needs a direction

This anime isn't bad, but, it isn't epic either, not like it used to be. Alot of these comments about it being a gateway anime is very true. Personally, I started watching anime with naruto, at the time, it was fantastic nothing could come close. But slowly a good way into naruto shipuuden's release i started to realise that the authors were stretching it. It is understandable i thought , because in truth it makes a lot of money and the author will want to keep it around as long as possible. The problem is, with every terrible filler, with every unnecessary flashback (which is essentially a means of soaking up the minutes) , with every in depth highlight of a character nobody really cares about , or an arc that nobody wants to see we begin to more and more develop quite the distaste for naruto. I tried to start watching it again because i heard the great ninja war started, but i noticed right away that it was moving at a snail's pace.

The point is i stumbled upon some truly legendary anime in my time. The likes of Death note, Code Geass, Steins;gate (which started slow but became one incredibly moving story), school rumble(great main character, and hilarious), and how could i not mention my favourite  Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagaan!!! ( for those saying naruto has cahracters that grow on you , you will meet a character that will change your opinion of what a truly great character is.)

All I'm saying is two things... 1. even a great anime becomes poor if stretched too long. (and the team is not very good at fillers, some teams are good at fillers like Prince of Tennis fillers were fantastic)

2.  Try those anime's i have mentioned and then try naruto again, i bet you'll agree with me. 

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Nathan Uchiha
      2013-02-12 15:15:47

    I watched this since it first came on. I instantly loved it, it is an anime where the characters grow on you. This is one of those anime where you are hungry for more. You should problemly watch Naruto before Naruto Shippuden though. I am most likely to be the biggest Naruto fan ever and I recommend this anime for everyone.  


                                                  THIS IS THE BEST ANIME EVER 

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      2013-01-09 18:53:10
trust me - i've been watching anime aka 'japanimation'

Naruto isn't about a story line or instance in his life - its about his entire life story and his experiences - every heart breaking, joyful, angering, awesome, funny, and down right crappy moment in this anime is the story of his life and of those around him both friend and foe - that's including the fillers - 

If you want a 12-24 episode anime where the bad guys history can be explained in 2 minutes and the good guys history explained in 4 minutes and has limited number of characters, then do not watch this. there are plenty of short animes that are great!!

If you want an anime where you grow with the characters to the point where the questions you have had for YEARS are finally answered years later, then sit down and enjoy one hell of a ride!!! great action - great humor - and great 'life lessons' await - you have 450+ episodes and 10+ movies to catch up on. enjoy


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Lelouche Ve Britania
      2013-01-09 13:02:09

naruto to naruto shippuden is a anime were the primary theme is strength of bonds between people. it is hidden/well hidden for a way into the series the emotions to the battles have a tendancy to throw many 1st time watchers off. the world of naruto is a shinobi based one. now thee main character may not be a real ninja(lack of stealth and forethought) but he does bring a suprising feeling to the series with his off brand IDGAF quirky attitude towards the shinobi world.

naruto brings many great battles and some intresting filler arcs along with it characters you will love and hate and a few creepy ones but it is definetly worth the time to get imersed in the story and get to know characters.

naruto renewed the veiw of a shinobi. iver personally watched since the debute and read it in manga form since i was in the 4th-5th grade been years i still find myself compelled to read it along with probably my favorite one piece weekly.  both are great and bring great emotion and story for manga readers.

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