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Year: 2014
Tags: Comedy, Romance, Slice of Life
Rating: PG 13 - Teens

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Mikakunin de Shinkoukei

Yonomi Kobeni, an ordinary girl, finds out on her 16th birthday that she is betrothed to Mitsumine Hakuya, a boy the same age as her. Hakuya moves in from the countryside and starts living with her, bringing his younger sister who is still a primary school student with him. Also added is his older sister who is already living with Kobeni and is two years older. The story revolves around these four people and their identities as "couples" and "sisters-in-law."
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SUB - Ep. 12
Mar 26 2014
SUB - Ep. 11
Mar 19 2014
SUB - Ep. 10
Mar 13 2014
SUB - Ep. 9
Mar 5 2014
SUB - Ep. 8
Feb 26 2014
SUB - Ep. 7
Feb 19 2014
SUB - Ep. 6
Feb 12 2014
SUB - Ep. 5
Feb 6 2014
SUB - Ep. 4
Jan 30 2014
SUB - Ep. 3
Jan 23 2014
SUB - Ep. 2
Jan 16 2014
SUB - Ep. 1
Jan 9 2014
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"Mikakunin de Shinkoukei" Reviews
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      Has too much potential.

Certainly one of the funniest animes of the year 2014. After the whole anime ended it left me speechless and wanting for more. When i first watched it i thought it was just a typical comedy slice of life. I loved it and didn't think it could get any better. I was wrong and surpassing my expectations, i want this Anime to have more popularity. To think this story would have a supernatural element to it. I also love how this talks about Family and you can see the love of those siblings too.

This story about a girl who just turned 16 and finds out she's engage to a guy name Hakuya, not just that they're going to start living under the same roof! Don't let this plot fool ya, it's worth checking out! 

Characters 5/5

Animation 5/5

Comedy 5/5 

Romance 3/5 

Voice acting: 5/5  

Seriously you must watch this! Either you're looking for romance or comedy this is for you.  

If i had some complaints: It would have to be that the main character Kobeni is just that type of girl that cries a lot or gets very emotional. I'll give it an "A" for uniqueness as a character but her personality is kinda annoying at times. She just so damn emotional -.-. I bet it's a turn off for the viewers who had watch this anime. Still she does have redeemable aspects in the first couple of episodes that really get you into this. Don't get me wrong i still love her as a character, just not a lot. The part i really dislike about her is being with Hakuya. Kobeni doesn't deserve him. 

If i wished for something: It would be that this anime would be so cool with supernatural action, wouldn't that be great? When we find out Hakuya family secret, suddenly jumping off buildings all badass when they meet the same species.  I really wished Hakuya would had ended up with Konoha not just because they're the same species but she's much more of a enjoyable character then Kobeni. It kinda disappoints me they didn't end up together. I still remember her being keen on getting Hakuya to marry her because her mother told her to not miss the chance of claiming a male of their species due to their rarity.

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I warmly recommend this anime. It has a simple  but nice story,same with characters.
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      Mikakunin de Shinkoukei
Had to make an account just so I could comment on this as well. I completely agree with jovogod in the sens im a huge fan of the action animes: Bleach, Elfen Lied, Attack on Titan, Kill la Kill etc. But there is just something about his show that really makes me love it. Ive also watched my fair share of the romance animes: B Gata H Kei, Girls Bravo n'sutch. This is the prime example of just a regular show without all the crazy screaming and super powered no chance of failing, talking no jutsu shows that are the big hits. Watch this show and gain sum respect for how they made a show that is just a simple show be one the greats.
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      Defenitally worth watching

To start let me say I'm a fan of action animes like bleach,one piece, naruto, fairy tail, ect.  Yet I would put this on the same level as them.

This anime is great and in just a few minuets you really get interested in the plot and episode after episode more new things keep coming up. 

There is room for physical conflicts (none to date), and with Hakuya (main male chr) being a total badass there is room for some cool episodes. 

Every episode you'll be on your toes waiting to find out what the new development in their "relationship" is, and what Hakuya and his sister are capable of *watch the series and you'll know what I mean*


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      great series
AnimeSempai pretty much summed it up. This is a great series so far and deserves much more attention =D
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