Year 2012
Type TV
Eps 25
Rating PG 13 - Teens

Kuroko no Basket

Comedy School Shounen Sports
To all of you ''Basketball players''
First of all when you are watching a anime, any anime and especially when you are watching a sports anime like this one you can't expect it to be 100% real. Hell you can't even expect it to be 50% real, why ? Because its ANIME! We watch it because of it's unreal, fun and thrilling aspects... If you want to watch basketball that is more real, well noone is stoping you from doing so. I think that Kuroko no Basuke portrays the, let's say connection between players, it has thrilling scenes, even tho they might be surreal at time, I love them. And hey, you know what ? I'm a basketball player myself, but when watching anime you have to adapt and be able to think outside of the box... I personally find Kuroko no Basuke very inspiring, at some moments I even feel like it helps my game. Everyone should watch it, basketball players and non baskeball player. Why ? It's a great sports anime. :)
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my thoughts on kuroko no basket

This anime abuses cinematic timing to the point of reminding me of DBZ, with that being said i LOVE this show , however speaking as a basketball fan i can't help but scream "travel!!!" and call other fouls when the blatantly don't follow the rules, but i do give this show props for actually getting me pumped , i anticipate each weeks episode as the previous one leaves me wanting more; and for episodes such as episode 12 of the third season actually make me pick up that basketball and hit the court for a quick session... despite its basketball flaws and inaccuracies, for a basket ball fans standpoint i get mad watching this but they have plotlines and building tension done right!! from an anime fans point of view it has everything done right i would recommend watching it for a god time and occasional motivation

thank you for reading. 

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Watch this only if you're not a basketball fan

The art work is solid. Plot and voice acting is pretty good. Can be funny at times.

-Contains little to no basketball elements which is painful to watch for a basketball fan like me. 

-Pace of game played is too slow and makes it boring.

-The overpoweredness of the characters does not scale well to Japanese high school basketball.

Fails in the anime:

1. All starters basically play all minutes which is ridiculous (freshmen didnt get to play a SINGLE MINUTE)

2. The make no plays. No pick and rolls and off ball action basically just no strategies.

3. Lacks a lot of basketball moves. Crossovers, post ups, hook shots, fadeaways, floaters....nothing

4. The play basketball without freethrows.....

5. Pace of play can be so slow that you thought they have a 100 sec shot clock 

Please understand that i am expressing my opinions as a basketball fan and i'm sorry if i offended anyone. It's just painful too watch for me and if you're a basketball fan, i advise you don't touch this.

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I never enjoyed a sports anime until This one. It's fun and exciting and filled with comedy one every ep. this has become one of my all time favs
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I'm not a big fan of sports anime. I think that they have limited development and are fairly 2 dimensional, with special effects for the "special attack!!!!" making me kind of cringe at the lack of reality and no explanation.

 So when a friend was like this animes quite good i was rather sceptical.  But istarted watching and realised, i couldn't stop. The comedy was very funny (which is where sports animes excel sometimes) but the animation and actual style of the show, is not "SUPER 20 FT MEGA ULTRA RARE JUMP DUNK!!!!!" instead, you get a real sense of strategy.

I really like the characters in this show as well - recently there's been an outbreak of really REALLY WEAK main characters (ouma shu, yukiteru from mirrai nikki) and i think  kuroko is very interesting and breaks the mold between really overpowered, fiesty, quick tempered/weak minded, wimpy character. And the character interaction really increases the comedy value and i laughed out loud several times over the course of this unfinished series

Want a Synopsis? fine... *SPOILER ALERT*



Teiko middle school has a famous basketball club with 3 consecutive wins in middle school championship and ove 100 members. Among these members, 5 were known as the generation of miracles with exceedingly greater talent than the rest. These 5 prodigies graduated to move to different high schools to lead their respective schools to win basketball championships. However there was a rumour of an unknown 6th member - Kuroko Tetsuya. He joins a realtively unknown school (Seiren) along with a boy from america with huge basketball talent - Kagami Taiga. together, they try to bring Seiren to the top of the championships and to prove to the generation of miracles, that their attitude towards winning is wrong.

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