Year 2013
Type TV
Eps 13
Rating PG 13 - Teens

Hataraku Maou-sama!

Comedy Demons Romance Shounen
Please make a 2nd season!!
Hilarious cool amazing anime, give it a shot.
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One of the funniest Anime!

After watching funny Anime like Gintama and the like I searched for other Anime in that category and what I found was The Devil is a Part-Timer. Yeah you read right. The Main character is the Devil himself: Dark Lord Satan, who after a battle against his archnemy the holy Hero travels from his world to modern japan through a magic gate. There he must live a normal live with his best strategist because they lost most of their magic.

So he starts by working at a fast food restaurant in order to earn enough money to survive, while his companion searches for a way back to their own world. Little do they know that their enemy is near them and in the same situation as them. Starting from that point, the story is really funny and full of surpises, I laughed almost every minute and really enjoyed this show. In my opinion it is one of the best Comedy Anime out there with good Animation and pretty visuals. The soundtrack and charcters perfectly fit to the overall plot and make you marathon this series. I only recently discovered this show and already finished it. Sadly its only 13 eps long so it ends quickly.  

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