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Basic Information
-Name: Karna "Majin"
-Age: 25
-Gender: Male
-Party: None
-Rank: Sapphire
-Class: Assassin (Thief + Fighter)
-Likes: Celebrating, Lost Magic, His Goddess
-Dislikes: Anyone touching his Goddess, Anyone getting close to his Goddess, anyone Looking perversely at his Goddess

Karna is a some-what energetic person with a high curiosity that sometimes breeds trouble for him. Curious, adventurous, and arrogant he tends to explore his curiosities and desires without thinking when it comes to anything outside of killing monsters. Otherwise Karna is easygoing, and enjoys jokingly messing with others or he may just be oblivious to his own actions.

After a years of freedom from his past it became apparent it was the latter. At times disrespecting location and personal spaces when it comes to something of his interest.

Karna hails from an growing village in the north. The town was small in size compared to the larger towns around the country, yet from nothing to a village forming fellowships with other small villages in the area, eventually forming an efficient trade and alliance of which allowed each village and it's families to prosper.In only a decade, the three villages formed from survivors of monster attacks, managed to find a sign of peace and prosperity. With the families of Human, Dwarf, and Lizardman in agreement to one of them being the official leader of this union, The Dragon Emperor. With each family leader doing their part. Over time more people and retired adventurers began to join the villages and making families official and non-official, doing their parts in protecting the village. It was One of the smallest Clan's that Karna would be adopted into.

It's leader being a retired Bronze Ranked Adventurer, an older male who kept his clan consisted of himself, the dozen in his social circle, and several kids and young adults of which he taught and trained the young ones, not only perform their sworn duty of protecting the village but to arm them with the skills and knowledge to combat the monster threat to a degree only official adventurers learn to fear. These children were those he had met or saved on his journeys as an adventurer, each child being orphaned and left defenseless by monsters. As a boy young teen, Karna was officially recognized by the Dragon Emperor as an official member of the Majin Clan. On his 16th birthday, he became a glorified guard-dog for the Majin through being taught how to combat others and humans from a young age and officially became the Clan's representative of Majin, leaving his village to join as a guard to one of the Dragon Emperor's daughters. The more isolated and far less social leaders of the union, the Lizardmen. Serving as her personal protector over the next two years, fate had bared it's fangs, leading all three villages to be slaughtered in a large monster horde simultaneously on all three villages and surrounding homes. During the horrendous ambush chaos flowed through the city with fire treading the top of virtually all homes. Surviving the horror, Karna was found in terrible shape far from his home by a stranger of a town close to the isolated countryside his home was located. It turned out he was saved by a couple High Elf Scouts, taking his unconscious body back to their home. High Elves making for a rare sight around the world, as they don't often leave their forests; rarer still are ones that decide to become adventurers to sate their curiosity about the world. Spending half a year recovering from his injuries with the majority help of the elves and their friends.

To show his appreciation, he stayed for the next two months helping them and venturing beyond the area of their forests with their hunters for resources and securing their forest. A small amount of people seeing and pleased with his helpfulness allowed him to know more about their people, in time eventually allowing Karna to meet their leader, High Elf Royalty and Priest of the Forest Vanreal who did not hold his tongue announcing his disdain for mankind, yet offered words of his appreciation. It became apparent in the time Karna spent recovering and helping, there was plenty of time to learn what events brought an injured Karna to their forest, revealing knowledge of his brief history of rise and downfall. But more importantly to the High Priest, the horde of which destroyed his home outside of his own worries over the forest and his people. It was then he announced to Karna and his own council he foreseen his own death as well through divination by the hands of one of the elves in their forest. Just a week later he was assassinated and following his wish, one of his adopted children, A young Maiden of the elven people as its next leader. This decision went with no contest to the maiden famous among her people for her royal elven blood of a lost lineage and the great magic that ran through her veins. Combined with her unimaginable beauty even among High Elf standards left many elves in awe as she grew into her practice under the last Leader. The last wish being Karna be placed as her official guard at all costs for unknown reasons of which upset a few on the council.

It only took one Glance at the Maiden of The Forest to see that the displeasing of some to her leadership being born from envy. Her "Fan Club" civilian elves and hunters alike reached deep even to the council, only capable of visually admiring the Maiden from afar over the years for not only her stunning beauty stood out as a rarity EVEN among elven culture but her figure as an elf as well was far more rare, bordering impossible belief for an elf to anyone who failed to see her. bringing envy from others on that fact. The other portion of displease came from her uncommon demeanor not commonly found in elves, being more ambitious and into her own personality yet always remained formal and proper where her responsibilities and manners called. Yet with Karna she was able to let loose and be more open, adjusting to consistently being in the presence of another and adjusting to regular conversations formerly "Not fit" for an Elf Maiden. Over the next few months he served as her guard and learned of the Magic Curse placed upon her, the secret held since her youth between her, the former leader and the council, and this power being what the former Leader believed the threat which would bring his death would be after. A magic curse placed upon her by an unknown demon as a child that reacts to the magic inside her body. When it accumulates to a certain level a magic seal appears on her body, sending her body into a frenzy of pain as the seal forces her body to continue channeling & increasing her mana to harmful levels within her body until her body is emptied of magic, possibly leading her to her death.

It was with Karna they developed a way to lessen the strain on her, leading the seal to be shared with and appearing on Karna's body as well. Together with their new method they are able to alter the duration of pain with it complete increasing opposite sensation, through this the seals forced increasing mana effect on the Maiden continues but effects her now differently physically with their method, transferring the increasing mana between two people instead of one medium. Over time with their method, she was capable of utilizing magic once again without fear of the curse. After a few short months the threat foreseen in the divination came to pass, during the coup destroying the elven home and it's people. A tragically failed coup of which eliminated order and murder of those in power also causing the defenses to fail leading it to being overrun by attracted monsters. Seeing the doom of his hometown, Karna foresaw the path the village was on and with the agreement of the Maiden, fled the village only after defending it to it's end to see most of its people dead yet those who started the coup taking control of the situation and village. Injured and Starved, Karna and The Maiden traveled for days until coming to a walled town of which they were able to recover. Eventually with the Maidens desire to become an adventurer, Karna joined her as well. Although he is no longer her guard, he still has protective habits around her to defend her from monsters for her safety and other Men for his selfishness of which he would proudly announce to anyone his pride in The Goddess

Class Information:
An assassin is skilled in both armed and unarmed combat, gifting them with the versatility of extremely close range attacks and defenses. Outside of combat yet not unlike their combat skills, an assassin has skills adapted to as a thief, allowing them options to hide their presence and hide within the shadows. This assassin class couple the skills learned from each class and combines them for Karna's unique form of assassination

Thief Class + Fighter Class
Sapphire Rank Adventurer:
40 Ability Points 's

-Strength: ☆☆☆ (3)
-Agility: ☆☆☆☆☆ (5)
-Vitality: ☆☆☆☆ (4)
-Stamina Quantity: ☆☆☆☆ (4)
-Thief Ability: ☆☆☆☆☆☆ (6)
-Fighter Ability: ☆☆☆☆ (4)
-Specialist Mastery: ☆☆☆☆☆☆ (4)
-Item Capacity: 3 +1

Unlocked Perks
-Enhanced Strength (2-Star)
-Greater Speed (4-Star)
-Enhanced Vitality (4-Star)
-Greater Stamina Quantity (4-Star)

Discovered Skills:
Skill #1: High Sense (Ranger)
A skill of the Ranger Class. This skill gifts Karna with a superior sense of hearing, adapting to hearing more subtle sounds rather than hearing far away. This is along the gift of sight, his vision being able to adjust to darkness and recognize subtle details when tracking in low light

Skill #2: Shadow (Thief)
A Skill which allowing them hide their presence therefore harder to detect by normal means by both people and monsters with hard to notice slight of hand to pickpocket. Applying his skills and ingenuity to the technique, Karna has developed a child-technique to this skill.

Skill #3: Iron Body (Fighter)
A Skill which allows the user to naturally discipline and train their bodies to new limits, enabling them to hold lethal power in their physical attacks, with their defenses as well able to break through material such as wood and Stone. Over time, Karna has took notice of his body being able to endure and break large and or dense wooden or stone structures.

Skill #4: Serpentine Dragon God's Dance (Assassin)
Karna's Martial Art's and assassination form which combines the maneuverability and quick, opportune strikes of a thief with the Strength, Fury, and Technique of a Martial Artist. The form itself is an evasive and counter attack form which centers alot of focus on flowing movements and strikes. Due to this, this Combat style also has it's own branching style which utilizes small blades and other small weaponry into it's techniques and practices

Skill #5: Dragons Greed (Fighter)
A Skill which focuses Karna's physical energy very briefly into a focus point. For the second of impact, the attack gains a greatly amplified impact force, Releasing a great pressure behind his physical attacks

Skill #6: Dark Dragons Claw (Assassin)
A knife/Dagger form of his martial arts form, this being the branching form through use of small blades which specializes in quick and lethal offense and defensive movement combined with great maneuverability and counter-attacking techniques of which focus on multiple opportunity striking in and between steps, giving him maneuverability through what many would consider awkward footing or disadvantageous positions

Skill #7: Sky Dragons Breath (Assassin)
A mental practice and skill of physical awareness over positioning, enabling Karna to be bale to adjust his body according to his will even in mid-air, granting him limited areal maneuverability.

Skill #8: Breach of The Goddess (Cooperative Skill)
Through their suppression of The Maiden's curse, the magic is channeled into his & her body. Unable to use magic, the energy recedes into Karna unable to be used by him. Yet The Maiden is able to feel her Mana inside of his body and with a spell, surrounds his body in a magical aura of dark cursed energy temporarily enhancing his physical prowess at the cost of being sent into a hysterical fury with protecting the Maiden being the only thought. This one track vicious mindset however may grant him enhanced physical strength and speed but causes him to become extremely reckless. The one time in their history this has happened, Karna dove straight into a large blade and pushed himself to the hilt just for a killing blow.

-Main Hand:
-Items: Throwing Knives (3x), Healing Potion (1x), Stamina Potion (1x)

Relationships ...
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Re: Goblin Slayer (Bio Thread)

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Basic Information
-Name: -
-Alias: The Clairvoyant/Claire
-Age: 23
-Race: Half-Elf
-Gender: Female
-Party: -
-Rank: Sapphire
-Class: Rogue (Advent + Thief)
-Likes: Treasue hunts, food, reading, her Princess.
-Dislikes: a lot actually.

Sapphire Rank Adventurer:
Ability Points ☆'s

-Strength: ☆☆☆
-Agility: ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
-Vitality: ☆☆☆☆
-Stamina Quantity: ☆☆☆☆
-Thief Ability: ☆☆☆☆☆
-Advent Ability: ☆☆☆☆
-Specialist Mastery: ☆☆☆☆
-Item Capacity: 6

She is rather diligent, though at times she can be a bit of a showboat. She is a kind and caring person, placing a high value on her friends and allies, yet she also values herself. She'll put herself in between a comrade an enemy, but not as an act of self-sacrifice. Rather, she believes in her own ability enough to believe she won't be defeated by doing so. As far as her intelligence is concerned, she possesses a high level of intellect. She normally retains a level head, but within her sleeps a fierce anger waiting to erupt to the surface. She doesn't let herself be consumed by her goal, and so she will take the time to help others on occasion.

Growing up, she didn't have much, if anything. She had one close friend, the daughter of a very wealthy family. The two of them grow close, inseparable even. When she grew up, she ended up serving the girls family as one of its maids. Despite it being inappropriate, the daughter, now the lady of the house, still insisted on being her friend. Talking to her, and treating her as an equal, rather than as the help. Things were going well, and she was even privy to training with her friend, who she liked to call Princess. One fateful day, the manor she was staying at was raided. She fought bravely but wasn't able to do much in the end. Her princess was taken, and that was when she vowed to set out and find her. Either to bring her back or to avenge her death.

Class Information: A Rogue excels in reading the air currents around them. A result of combining their stealth with the ability to keenly observe their surroundings, this gives them an almost precognitive-like ability in battle. As for weapons of choice, they tend to use either dual daggers or a rapier. One trained in the ways of a Rogue makes for a suitable solo adventurer, but they are also suited to party play.

Discovered Skills:
Instinct Unleashed- (Rogue)
A skill that amplifies the user's instinct to incredible levels. Allowing them to fight and dodge attacks effectively with little to no thought required.

Emergency Awareness- (Advent)
Having learned from close calls with survival, the adventurer has taken note of signs of danger. It develops as a sense, and the adventurer occasionally becomes aware of imminent danger before other members of their party.

Keen Senses- (Ranger)
A skill that grants the user enhanced vision or hearing. Giving them a bonus to their perceptive abilities when needed.

Vanish- (Thief)
A skill that causes the user's presence to disappear. Making it difficult if not impossible for the user to be perceived while this skill is active.

Reveal- (Rogue)
A skill that reveals hidden enemies to the user and the user's party.

Cross Falcon- (Rogue)
A martial arte stance that utilizes a distinct dual dagger forme to quickly react to opponents attacks while counterattacking. This stance is more suited for multiple enemies.

Shadow Stitching- (Rogue)
A martial arte stance that utilizes a rapier to deliver nearly undetectable thrusts to the enemy. Due to it being more precision based, it isn't as effective against mutliple enemies.

Overload Instinct- (Rogue Miracle)
A Rogue's one and only Miracle. It gives one supernatural sense, strength, and agility. This temporarily gives them nigh unmatched combat prowess. However, it leaves ones body in a horrible state after its effect wears off.

-Main Hand: Rapier
-Off-Hand: Dagger x2
-Items: Healing Potions (x2), Stamina Potions (x2), Oil Canister (x1), Torch (x1)
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