Year 1996
Type TV
Eps ?
Rating PG 13 - Teens
    2014-11-06 15:28:35
It's the episodes with The Black Org that matter

I've decided that I've seen enough episodes of many different shows and that I should contribute to the pool of reviews, so that other viewers can make a better decision on whether they want to watch this show or not.


The story is about a high school boy who is a brilliant detective and is inspired by the greatest detective of all time, Sherlock Holmes. The references to Sherlock Holmes are plentiful, so if you recognize those I guess you are a bit of a detective-geek yourself ;) I'm going to spoil the first episode for you, but he gets injected with a quite odd serum that makes his body shrink to it's 5 year old version, yet keeping his amazing intellect. Together with his high school sweetheart (Ran) and his kindergarten friends (who oddly enough are about the same, intellect wise) and Ran's dad (who is a detective himself, yet dumbest of all most of the time) he gets to solve all kinds of weird cases, while trying to get his body back to the original state. 


 As with all the longer running shows, the first episodes have a terrible cartoonish look (City Hunter style) and it takes a while before they change it to a newer more slick looking style. But as this show doesn't need much visual prowess, it doesn't bother that much.


As with most shows designed for all ages (well not the youngest of course, dead people and crime scenes and stuff), the Japanese spoken language is quite easy to follow and some episodes will even help you improve your understanding of Japanese because they will use wordplay's in solving a crime. Like with every show that requires suspense to captivate the audience, repetition is the key. Most solutions will be told at least twice so that everyone will understand how the murderer murdered the victim, even those slow on the uptake.


- The amount of different ways someone gets killed in this show is simply amazing, kudos for the writers

- Of course, if you like to solve puzzles and play Cluedo, this is your show

- The episodes with the Black Organization are probably the best intellect wise (Sherlock versus Moriarty style, both sides equally smart and cunning), these are the ones that make the show.

- 756 episodes and counting, you can bingewatch a whole week non stop and still be behind.

- There are quite a bit of characters you'll like and hope you'll see more often (FBI, the lovey dovey's at the police force, Hattori)


- The method used to solve the case gets boring after 10 episodes (Sleeping Kogoro, Sleeping Suzuka, Playacting Professor, Detective Boys collective), it's one of these four ways. Unless it's an episode with the Black Org, did I mention that those are the best?

- Repetition, it's not fast paced this show, the blueprint stays the same for like.. ever. Our hero gets to a scene and WHAATTTT, murder! Let's solve it! Let's take at least two episodes, and repeat every clue 2, 3 or 4 times before our Hero uses his watch (not gonna tell you how) and solves the case! Yay! Let's do that again!

-  Storyline progress: I hoped that he (Conan) would gain a certain something from a certain smart little girl so he would be (Shinichi) when he needs it to be (like in London, but more often. Since the progress is slow, sometimes it makes you wanna skip the unnecessary episodes..

- The episodes with the 5 year olds are probably more fun when you're younger and Japanese.. Otherwise, they are just plain dumb.


The pros just outweigh the cons so it's a 3 out of 5 in my opinion! Hope this review helped!

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    2014-08-18 18:09:16
I just saw like the 72sixth episode or something, what the hell I dont even watch this anime but I've seen a few episodes in the first season, what I'm confused about is how the fuck does the someone jerk off being stuck in kid-mode for eternity, I mean what the hell does he do about the sexual frustration when his girlfriend is an adult, doe he slip one in occasionally when she's asleep? 
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Sly 3 4 Me
      2012-06-29 15:03:22
Great Anime

The series is great if you're interested in mystery and detective genre material. I remember watching it when I was younger, it was on later during the Adult Swim lineup block titled Case Closed with the English dub. I watched through a third of the series previously and decided to pick it up a few months ago and found someone who cut the series to just the main storyline of the manga.

 It's titled 'Detective Conan Cut to Manga', it's 219 episodes right now with the intro, the ending, and the cases(Part 1, part 2, relevant info, etc) combined in to  one file. This allows each file to be 40 minutes to an hour or longer, and no interruptions. It's great because the transition is seamless. I am at episode 98 in the 'Cut to Manga' version and have finished downloading all 219. 

 Check out the Cut to Manga if you enjoy the show, as the episodes for the Cut to Manga anime are all done by the creator of the manga, not like the fillers who are done by others. There is progression or some form of information gathering in most of the episodes due to it being all from the manga. 

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      2012-06-29 06:31:49
DC 9.6/10
Okay, DC is one of the Animes you've been hearing about, yeah it's 90% fillers but the fillers are good you can learn a lot of things you don't know. It's unpredictable if you watched part 1 you have to watch part 2 and that's great because you have to watch the other episode, that means it makes you more interested in the Anime. The writer of this Anime is very creative because he knows at least 400 ways to kill people (LOL), Anyways this is a great Anime hope you enjoy it all.
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      2011-12-04 09:38:07
Detective conan
it is a great anime almost 99% filler but the fillers are alot better than in animes like naruto the story lines great my personal hope is that ran finds out about kudo being conan pretty soon
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      2011-10-29 20:28:06

Taking a bit off the top 9.2/10 making a great anime. Series don't get to 600+ episodes beating one piece by 100 episodes with no support, the English dub version KILLED this anime's popularity in the west, but in Asian and European countries this anime is one of the biggest hits. 

              It's a fillers anime. You get 4 episodes of the main plot every 50 episodes the rest is just 2 episode individual cases like modern Sherlock Holmes. It starts off with very simple language and explanatories to get the viewers used to the show then unravel to more complicated matters later on that brings a lot of new perspective and facts to everyday life. 

                 Kids over 14 will be able to comprehend most of what is going on in this anime because of the excess explaining they do. If you have no patience or curiosity in solving murder cases you wouldn't be able to bare all the episodes. And later on they give less and less clues about the suspects making it harder to guess. 

I've been watching this anime 4 years before Inuyasha so 13 years and i still checkup on the release every 2 weeks. I do hope you all give this anime a try, as of mystery or detective anime wise, this series has no competition.

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      2011-02-23 22:41:58
Pretty good

Unique storyline, Good concept, Anyone who likes romance should love this. Also if your young you should like this to(Its like a kiddy show, Only that teens and some adults like it as well).

It builds up anticipation to get to the next storyline as its 95% filler >_>.

There is also a strange girl who freaks you out... Shes always talking about how she could die a bloody death or something after Episode 230(Somewhere near there).

Good for those who have lots of free time.

Because its kind of unpopular some episodes are skipped every once and awhile(Like 5 episodes are skipped after 230) You can find them on other sites pretty well.

Veoh is a great player, Decent graphics and good buffer and every episode has a veoh mirror(I havn't watched it all yet but you should be able to find veohs up yo 300 at least).

The openings are ok, You eventually start enjoying them to even loving them somtimes.

Hope you enjoy it as much as i did!

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