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Year: 2006
Tags: Action, Comedy, Ecchi, Shounen, Sports
Rating: R+ - Mild Nudity

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Air Gear

Minami Itsuki never thought about seriously riding Air Treck motorized roller blades, until he got his butt handed to him by a street gang of Storm Riders. That day, he discovered in a locked up room, a pair of AT's and a box of stickers belonging to the Sleeping Forest street gang. One thing leads to another, and Ikki dons the wheels and begins to ride. As his reputation builds in the AT street fighting/racing world, he begins to develop his own gang and participate in more fights, gaining more and more territory.
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"Air Gear" Reviews
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      Air Gear

one of the best series i have ever watched.

Really loved it...

why there is no 2nd season.....f**k

must watch...

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      Enough already!

If you're going to post a review post a goddamn review stop spamming this section with non-reviews, if you want to post other stuff use the forum.


Air Gear's is a really fun series about a fictional for lack of a better word "sport" that uses high tech rollerblades called Air Treks. Character's form groups and challenge other groups for turf and parts as well as to increase their rank. I won't go to much deeper into the plot as i would hate to ruin it for you but believe me this is on series you don't want to miss.


Like many people i wish Air Gear had been a longer show but the anime does cover a lot of content despite it not having a lot of episodes.


If you enjoy offbeat anime with an interesting plot and some well placed comedy then i suggest you check out Air Gears.(Air Gears can be a bit echii at times but lacks any real nudity.)

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Davadod MC
      Petition for second season

I have recently found a petition going for the production of further episodes and I thought I'd share it with other fans of this anime. I hope this leads to the continuation of the story as I really enjoyed this anime as a whole!

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Teff The EcchiGod
     jet set radio
this anime azaming you have to watch this it azaming it remind me of jet set radio and future just fel like ur flying in to the anime and the ecchi and comdy is azaming this is not a waste of time to watch if if you dont like it their something you like about the anime
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      It's AWESOME BUT.................

Well what happend about this anime was it was cool and all but they didn't continue it because this anime only went up to 25 episodes but the manga still goes today if the anime series would go where the manga is it would be like episode 300 and something I'm sorry but I find it Hard to read manga on the internet I could read like the manga itself I could but it feels really weird I don't know about you but this anime makes me feel like I want to read manga for the first time on the internet because this Anime is sooooooooooo good the OVA were actually quite good also so guys try this anime out when it ends it's going to feel unfinished and remember that's because it is. Oh by the way what is so special about this anime is well they make a comparison on how the AT's (Air Treks) make them fly like some type of bird this anime is really emotional it's just about this guy called Ikki Who want's to reach the sky in the top of the a tower wow forgot what's it's called there's ranks cool fighting in a way I've never seen before my friend showed me this I thought of the idea of this when he said it was freaking stupid BUT HELL WAS I WRONG anyways I hope this helped you

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