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Year: 2000
Tags: Action, Drama, Romance, Shoujo, Supernatural
Rating: R+ - Mild Nudity

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Angel Sanctuary

Mudou Setsuna, a high school student, loves his sister in a way that he shouldn't. He also struggles from supernatural powers. Angels and demons flocks to him as the day of his awakening draws near -- he is the angel Alexiel, the highest angel which fought against God, reborn.
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DUB - Ep. 3
Aug 12 2008
DUB - Ep. 2
Aug 17 2008
DUB - Ep. 1
Aug 15 2008
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"Angel Sanctuary" Reviews
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    Angels Reborn

Interesting, clean and well presented animation, lacks in the fact that isnt any good compared to the manga, the 3 episodes are far away from presenting what the Manga is all about.

The story tells about a boy that gets inlove with his own sister and at the same time he discovers he is the reincarnation of an angel that defied God, still interesting to watch, if wanna know how it ends, read the manga its worth-it.

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