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Year: 2015
Tags: Action, Ecchi, Romance, School, Harem, Supernatural
Rating: R- 17+ Violence & Profanity

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Absolute Duo

After losing a loved one, Tooru Kokonoe enrolls at Kouryou Academy so as to gain a "Blaze," a weapon that is his soul manifestation, for the sake of revenge. He was expecting a weapon... What he got was a shield... How is he to seek revenge with something that isn't even a weapon?! (Source: MU)
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"Absolute Duo" Reviews
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   For Eating Time is Perfect

I had nothing to do this week and all the movies were all reviewed boring, so I decided to watch some anime, as one of my friends is a real otaku(and a perv) and watches all sorts of anime...

He said this anime would be cool - didn't say why.

My impressions on Attack on Titan and Bleach (and several other animes) were outstanding so I decided to give this anime a shot.

Turns out that the anime is... well, not the greatest.


8/10 - I like the modern anime's artistic style, clean and sharp.


2/10 - The plot kinda sucks... Very typical for mangas, animes etc. So this boy is a.. a.. I forgot the name but, Oh yea, *****, and he is an "irregular" (irregular in magic highschool? That sounds familiar...) He is somehow surrounded by bunch of girls and the "harem" adaptation really ruins the story, and i guess if you like harem you are a CREEPER - I mean if you watch anime you are a CREEPER already... Come on guys "Is the super super protagonist surrounded by 50 girls gonna win against this evil dude?" What are you, 9?


1/10 - Too typical, enough said. I mean its harem, and of course theres a dull girl, a shy girl, a seducing girl, and you know what? Go watch anime ***** if you like that... CREEPER ALERT

Genre Adaptation

3/10 - I understand that harem is supposed to be all about boobies flying everywhere, but to the point it is 70% of the story, I'll pass. 

BTW I think harem/ echii/ and ***** - I think this is anime adapting the genre of the 18+- is VERY creepy so if you are a CREEPER, you might disagree in this block..

3/10 or 7/10 depending on your tastes  


1/10 - This anime is the definition of typical... 


15/50(1.5/5) if you are a normal guy like me, but if you are a CREEPER you can give 3/5


I would give 1.5 out of 5 if it was possible... 



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This anime is good, but they missed a lot of the scenes and dialogue that would make it better. This anime follows it's light novel skipping some scenes that the creators thought was unnecessary. With those scenes the anime would be pretty great. Without it is somewhat disappointing but still worth a skip through. Most people that watch anime complain about storyline and etc but the problem with this isn't the story but the fact that they skipped through and diluted some of the depth of the story. To the people on here that liked absolute duo I highly recommend reading the light novel. But for those who didn't I still recommend it if you liked the description enough to check it out. If your none of the above I'd prefer not to hear your mouth.
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  Absolute FAIL

So I know it may be too early to write a review 6 episodes in but I've given up on this anime. I blame myself for even watching 1 or 2 eps of this crap let alone 6.

 First of all, this anime is VERY generic. There's nothing fresh about it, even so maybe it'll make up for it in action or storyline or depth of characters? Nope! This anime is a harem but I dont have a problem with that although it's just so damn boring in so many ways. I usually have this rule where if I start something I must finish it. SO that says a lot if I'm already quitting at ep 6. 

The action lacks so much, it's just boom boom pow I win. There's nothing really special about. Sure the OP has a unique power which is basically a shield instead of an actual fighting weapon but it's just not enticing enough to watch it all the way through. It's basically the opposite of Day Fate Zero and we know how beautiful that anime was. 

 The characters are BORING as hell. There's nothing special about them we got the typical confident fighter, the shy big boobed girl, the quiet awkward girl, and the main character that wants to get stronger. There's no depth whatsoever. 

 Storyline sucks. Yeah were all at a school of fighters and we all have Duos and fight to get stronger etc etc. If the action was at least bearable I'd probably be able to get through it even with a crappy storyline but there's just nothing worth watching about it. If you want an interesting anime with a great storyline, depth in characters, & tactical action that's out right now I highly recommend AldNoah Zero. And I have no interest in robot animes but this one is worth it. 2nd to Code Geass.  

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The Fool Squad
     *Teehee* forgot to address something else
With the erotic views yes it has flashes of side boobs *gasp* OMG THAT IS HORRIBLE WHAT ANIME ALLOWS THAT!? ummm pretty much very Ecchi! so if you have a issue with the ecchiness then read the tags please! Just because something is ecchi doesnt make it bad though! For example: Highschool DxD(a very ecchi but also good show) a more personal opinion that many disagree with is Highschool of the Dead it is ecchi but also very original and cool. This show is just another of the many ecchis but it is also another show that is just worth the watch because it hooks people enough with its plot, Yes there is a plot, probably a 12 to 24 episode plot but its there :D many harems have like no plot and just continue their haremness xD. But this show on the other hand is about revenge and them getting stronger fulfilling their goals. So yeah it has pretty much all the things in its genre that is PUT ON THE TAGS! But its fun and interesting. It is NOT a anime like the first season(emphasis on the first season) of SAO where you just fall and fall in love with it or when in the really cool shows and your just jumping up and down flipping shit cause its so awesome. It is just a cool and fun anime to watch PERIOD! nothing more or less.
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The Other Fool
     Where the Pedophile?! This is a good show!

Just saying this okay THERE IS NO FUCKING PEDOPHILE!!! They main chick and MC ARE BOTH THE SAME AGE! Yes she says he reminds her of her father BUT THAT DOESNT MAKE HIM HER FATHER!!! yeesh, she's just saying that his presence comforts her its not being a pedo if a girl the same age as you tells yoou that you remind her of her father xD and yes all of the anime you mentioned are great anime but this one is good too. also if your gonna bring up the Fate series OMG your a idiot cause a CHILD gets RAPED AND HUNILATED BY LIKE A MILLION BUGS IN THAT SHOW! if your gonna complain about this show being pedo then just wow! make sure you have your facts striaght before talking out of your ass! sorry if I got a little carried away buuut you do realize there is like a million more shows WAY more pedo then this! This show is just a cool and not quite a generic anime so yes it is definetly worth the watch... P.S just cause a anime character doesnt have HUGE BOOBS doesnt make them a loli!!! The main Heroine is not really a loli cause she has like some i think... and isnt like a child or super small little girl so...YUP its just two teens sleeping in the same room and MC i liked by multiple girls so yes this is a harem keep that in mind but the MC is loyal too the main heroine so far.

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