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honestly if I'm the only one then ill be shocked but did this make anyone else just think why did you stop making these i need more episodes i miss it or anything lol it was such a great show to only be 25 episodes long its kinda sad..
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      Not bad...
Its pretty hard to find a good romance anime on this website. Most of these animes are either to old(like 1990 old), have a terrible plot(Clannad anybody?) or have echii in them. Lucky for you, this anime isn't any of them. Toradora has a great story, interesting characters and the animations are great. Its kind of short but still great. After you finish this show watch Lovely Complex its pretty good to.
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      Interesting anime
I haveta disagree with the person below me, i watched this when it first came out, and even bought it. This isnt your typical run of the mill comedy/romance. I think its more about friendship then anything, about sacrificing what you really feel for the person who means everything to you. Its very cute, and yes it has comedy. But in the end its about two people and how they fall in love through friendship. Very moving, and definately worth the watch, at least a one time watch, but who knows. its like a slice of life/romance anime. not ecchi or anything like that. Every character is easy to like, and as he anime goes on you find yourself that you want more and more and you want to find out what happens next
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Severity Asured

Okay im not going to lie i found this anime boring as hell okay i only watched about half it but thats as far as i can push myself to watch it and this might just be me but i didnt see a single sad in it at all. So to sum it up i find it BORING AS HELL

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     watch now
this anime is simple, yet awesome. it's one of those anime that jest make you wont to keep watching till its over and then watch all over again
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Toradora is a good anime with alot of comedy and romance and alot of very sad parts so i suggest you have tissue next to you when you watch it
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      a great romance
One of the biggest criticisms about this anime I have is the way they started the first season. Once you get past the initial typical comedy-romance formula the studio tried to pull off, the story and characters develop quite well and Toradora! turns out being a really good anime. In fact, I'd be willing to put this on my top romance anime list, which is quite a feat considering there are so many other good ones out there. Rating high on my list, and usually compared to Clannad, Toradora is full of fun times and some rather serious dramatic times as well. I probably won't be the first to admit that I cried watching this series. One of the best things about it is that it people can relate and it feels real. If you like comedy-romance anime, I highly recommend watching this one through.
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