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Hidamari Sketch follows the lives of four high-school girls who are staying in the dorm named "Hidamarisou" the four are close friends who love doing art in each form. The storyline follows their daily lives at school, and in the dormitories occasionally doing art projects, but mostly just chatting away in their rooms or eating. Their teacher Yoshinoya is obsessed with cos play and modelling for her students with a care free personality.

 The main character is a girl named Yuno a light hearted girl just entering high school.Miya a girl who loves to eat, and is constantly spitting out comments that don't make sense. Hiro a girl whose obsessed with her weight and constantly dieting and craving food.and Sae a tomboy who loves to write, but has a "cool" personality according to best friend Hiro.

 It's full of light humor, girl talk, a series for those who love Shojo. Though there isn't any romance, and it's mostly just the four girls spending days together at school, and home discussing their lives, and random topics it was a good series, overall I'd have to give this show a 3/5.

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