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      kids anime with feels,action and more (Best)

Every 1,000 years, one hundred mamodos (demons) come to Earth to fight other demons as part of an ongoing battle to reign as king. ZATCH BELL follows one such demon, who, while he was unconscious, was discovered by a man and sent to mentor the man's son, Kiyo Takamine. Kiyo is anti-social and by his mothers decision gash stays with him and they become partners.

The story has action (better than other kids anime) blood (which they barely show nowandays), slice-of-life

The songs the have are funny (yes they have songs but bear with it, because it only sometimes)  

 The story is a classic I don't think a seen a similar one to this.

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     Gash Bell: is it worth it?

Well. Where to begin..

 For starters the anime is... interesting to say the least. With an interesting plot line, gradualy developed characters, and its ability to be just down right hillarious.

 Now, the story of Gash Bell (or for those of you who enjoy correct titles, konjiki no gash bell) revolves around the child called Kiyomaro Takamine, when he is sitting in his room grumbling how depressing and idiotic the world is, Gash flys in on an eagle, this was not just a funny part but an akward part, for you see, this anime is well known and disputed for child pornography, though it may be only Gash's genitals and maybe the odd pantie shot from girls it is unfortunatly still included in the anime.

Moving on, Gash tells Kiyo (nicknamed for easier reading purposes) that his Father sent him to "fix" Kiyos social status, Kiyo not believing Gash tells him to "get out of his house" (essentially), his mother hears the noise that Kiyo is making and decides to intervien, seeing Gash, she allows him to stay at the house, from there on (I wont explain every detail of the first episode, just the important stuff) Kiyo Finds out Gash is a demon child, and that the battle to determine the demon king is being hosted1,000 years and that Kiyo is now Gash's Partner and must compete.

Now I will discuss the ending, well. Not the greatest is all I can really say, although it goes end on a happy note, we never see the result on who the demon king will be (this is what is obsverved through the anime, if I am not to be mistaken people have said "the manga explains more") though by this time some people will have most likly gone off and started to watch terrible programmes like 'lucky star' or perhaphs 'Chuu Bra!'well my opinion of this anime is that not only is it better than chuu bra (seriously that anime sucks) or lucky star for a few reasons:

One being, that the characters have more depth to them that the whole of both the shows

Number two being that the story was funny, whitty, origin

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