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      Very fun to watch.

It's great, but you already know that.

Characters are interesting overall. While the main character Eren is a little bland (focused on pointless vengeance), his backstory does spark some intrigue, especially his disturbing psyche as a child. While some dialogue sequences were a little odd (unrelatable) and out of place, I'm not gonna complain because this is anime, not real life, so sure, talk poetically and act cool. Only thing I'd say is that even though this is often seen as an anime that is completely unforgiving to its characters, you never really feel nervous for the main 3 protags after the big twist early on. Plot armor is a little strong for the 3 despite the world they live in. Perhaps it would've been better if Mikasa or Arwin could've taken over as the main and hence go through some serious character development, rather than just have a super-powered main like so many other series.

Art direction wise, 9.8/10. Excellent, with the odd animation hiccup once in a while (like Eren's mother's ears changing size dramatically as she moves, etc) But the incredibly key-framed dynamic sequences more than makes up for it.

Overall, I think the best part about this anime is its premise.

So simple, yet effective. Props to the author.

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The title states my feelings towards this anime. Characters are unique in their own rights. Eren (the MC) has some cliche characteristics, but this does not deter from his overall persona. He is fueled by rage/hatred and while not being too OP like many enjoyable chars from other series... he remains strong in his resolve and purpose.



The Main purpose of this review is to share a little info to other fans.


SEASON 2 announced Spring 2017!!!!!!! https://my*****.net/news/46754268 

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This anime gets u involved right from the start, great visuals, great sound. Characters with good back stories however the main character's back story involving (MIKASA) in the past when they meet seems weird compared to the present, won't b saying more u gotta watch it! Some titans r hilarious and of course scary. This not for the weak (BLOOD AND GORE) if u like berserk u will love this! OH yeah binge watch this anime! 
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      A must watch

So this one knocked me out of the ballpark when it came to anime. First off it had a solid beginning although it didn't really pick up until a few episodes in. The characters were very likable and not your average whiny little babies you usually get stuck with in anime these days. Sure it has many ridiculous moments where Eren freaks the F@#k out. “But then again when doesn’t he…” But overall the Bad-ass attitude of the characters outweighs the pussiness they also possesses. When it gets down to it they fight and look good doing it. Graphics are very well done as well. Great artwork and decent detail on the titans and humans, (BTW not recommended for the weak of stomach. Blood and decapitation are imminent.)

The plot is suspenseful and sometimes a little to obvious. But there are parts where they really make you guess. Plenty of intrigue and history. Wouldn’t necessarily recommend it to the beginner anime watcher. It might be a little…to out there for your tastes. But don’t diss it until you try it. Overall one of the best ones made this last year.

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      This anime is amazing
Shingeki no kyojin is one of the most intense, anime I've ever watched.the characters in it have a certain grim look, not just on their faces but in their eyes. People in this anime are driven out of sanity, because of fear, but one man stands up and vows revenge for not just his mother, but for humanity. The main characters  dark and grim passion, will seem a little scary , and not very human but remember , that's humanity being tortured by fear. Do your best to see from the main characters perspective, and u will get hooked.
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      Too mainstream
b2k1235 you are so mainstream.
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      shingeki no kyogin best anime 5/5.you deserved it

Oh my gosh when the season 2 will be released.....best anime I've ever seen...so awesome 

 We want more more and more compare to naruto this one is the best..

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this series has not ended it is scheduled to continue and there is a 3d movie being made based on the series, theyve confirmed tons more eps to come. Everyone can put their party hat on again. Just remember your patience caps at the door...it might be a little bit before we see the next series.
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Now that this series has ended I feel as if it does need a review. While I have read many reviews about this anime when it began and half way of the series I felt as if I should wait until it finishes to type a review. Well for sure the opening and ending songs are magnificent I absolutely loved them. I also loved the voice actor of Eren, maybe because he was the voice actor for Shu of Guilty Crown and Alibaba from Magi, two amazing animes btw. I also loved each character, a unique personality to each. Mikasa is just simply beautiful, Armin is a genius and Jean basically shows us that its okay to be scared, just keep pushing forward. Each episode was amazing, my favorite episodes are episode 1 and episode 22. Two episodes that gave me goosebumps, while I do believe a season 2 is due, all we can do is wait. I really recommend anyone to watch this anime, its just too amazing to simply shrug off. While Shingeki no kyojin could be 2013 anime of the year, imagine if a second season appears, on that year Shingeki no Kyojin 2 would win again in my opinion. So for all those reading this review, click on the first episodes get ready to be amazed and enjoy yourself! TO BATTLE AGAINST THE TITANS!
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  Shingeki No Kyojin

Titans Was made for payback


weapon against humanity -SSSSHHHH-


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Synthony... the only things unanswered are 1: how the Titans came to be and 2: what's inside Aron's house that the key unlocks. The conclusion they came to in the anime was it holds the mystery of the titans, and it could change the direction of the war. Also, they just recently discovered who the female titan and killer of the other 2 titans was. So the script is pretty solid. If your referring to what the titans are and the make-up of their many structure, i'll explain. 1st: we don't know everything about the human brain (that's an analogy.) 2nd: Humans are all built differently and there are 3 main body types (Mesomorph, Endomorph and Ectomorph.) So why do we have to understand about the Titans what we don't understand ourselves, it makes everything much more interesting. The writer of Shingeki no Kyojin is a genius in this way and this anime touches every bit of curiosity humans have about themselves.


I know you were waiting for a response, so here you go :) 

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      in response to synthony
I have to agree to an extent. However there is a frustration throughout the series that you gradually feel the main story is indeed dragged out. Now here's the reason why. It seems as if writer goes through the trouble contently raising tons questions but never giving any real answers. This form of writing is more suited for mystery novels. You know, the one's where the main character is a detective, he scours from scene to scene to find and piece the clues needed to solve that mystery. However instead the story (that is what the anime seems to really be about) revolves around a bunch of kids that got pulled into a set of unfortunate events. The context and focus of the anime is more derived around their traumas and trials rather than the mystery of the titans.Personal I feel the story would've been better if such a mystery wouldn't have been brought to the viewers' attention. It would've made more sense to simply let the mystery unfold on its' own rather than constantly tease the audience. A sad fact is that if you watch ep. 1 through 23, including 13.5, and if you pay attention you'll find a horde of direct and subtle questions that are indeed left unanswered. Another note an important rule to writing anything, you don't bring a ton of questions to the reader without any explanation. Whether you answer them with truth or lies you have to satisfy the viewers' curiosity to some extent. This is likely the reason why there are some people that hate this anime. I'm actually writing this review for them.Now then, if after ep. 5 you find this anime annoying well then take my word for it. The main story is amazing, endure the side tracked episodes, I will vouch that they have purpose and are needed for character development, watch them all. Bare through the flashbacks, keep in mind this is story's more about survival and not the mystery of the titans. If you can do that you'll find the anime is easily worth five stars.

Already I'm done now so bring on the hate. 

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      shingeki no kyojin

I couldn't have said it better myself syntheni

y0u hit it right 0n the head

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      Shingeki No Kyojin/Attack On Titan: Episodes 1-23 Review

Shingeki No Kyojin is an anime adaption of the Manga of the same name by Hajime Isayama. The series has stunning artwork and alongside it's soundtrack marks it as one of the best animes of its season.

The plot revolves around a host of characters in a war of survival against the Titans, monstrous human-like giants with a reminiscently "Frankenstein" feel to them. Yet among this wide array of characters we have our three core protagonists; Eren Jaegar, Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert. Each with their own capabilities and each serving as a center point for events which occur in a breakneck fashion throughout the series.

This series, does not make the mistake of dragging the plot out too much, nor make the mistake of it feeling rushed. It feels in fact that exactly the right amount of time is used to portray each scene perfectly. In short; masterful pacing. I shall not go into a great deal of the plot for fear of spoiling it, but I will say that it is so full of twists and turns you'll likely need to catch your breath at the end of next to every episode. This is because the story is quick, clever, violent and gruesome, often tragic and never lets you feel comfortable in knowing precisely what's going on. Yet you are pulled to continue watching due to your love for the characters and the next to near-constant threat of their deaths. Whether be from human or titan.

(Yes, this series DOES kill off central characters like swatting flies, be prepared to have your heartstrings pulled to breaking point)

There IS some very well done comedy throughout, never feeling forced, as well as occasional romantic elements that lifts the spirits of the series, yet ultimately it only binds your attachments to the characters whom you wish to survive all the more. CAUTION: Sometimes leaving a bitter taste in the mouth for days to come as a result.

Thrills and chills are the main backbone of this unconventional horror, keeping you watching as it explores some of the classic themes of; what makes good and evil? And are Humans the real monsters? etc.               Posing these questions intermingle amid our disgust toward the Titans. Illogical beings, almost silly in nature yet which still manage to make you want to look away at times. They serve as a near perfect villain for the series as they push humanity toward an extinction; meaning that their true threat does not go overboard as many series do. Instead, they exist simply as a walking eating embodiment of death, one of Humanity's oldest and most banal and terrifying fears. Despite this however, they also serve as perhaps the single biggest mystery of the series. In a world both logical and genuinely realistic in nature, they pose as the one big gap in the fence.

What exactly, are the Titans? 

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      Pure intensitiy
Well for starters. It doesn't start off slow. It hits you right in the stomach and from there you keep taking blows again and again. This anime doesn't pull any punches. The characters feel real and you wind up dreaming about what can happen next. I follow the manga on this one as well and I just have to say the anime brings much more to light than the manga ever could.  If you want to see what humans are like when they get pushed into a corner by a predator this is the one!
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      Forget Your Pride and Egotist Ways

You're the type of person like me, right? The type who doesn't really like to listen to what other people tell you what to do, and that goes with anime recommendations too- you rather discover the anime yourself. Well, ya better forget your ego and pride because you're missing on something hella good.

Just the presence of the Titans will make those treats from the Alien creatures from DBZ look like nothing.

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      a new 5* hope
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      outstanding anime

for those who have not yet watched it attack on titan is an amazing anime

the story is set in a world where the last of mankind hides behind 3 walls from the mighty titans, 5 metres to 15 metres tall humanoids, after a hundred years of peace behind the walls the titans attack. the behemoth titan apperas out of nowhere  breaking one of the walls and the titans surge forth. during the titan attack the main characters, eren jeager, mother dies he escapes with his friends ,mikasa ackerman and armin alrert, from the titans with the aide of a garisson member, those who protect the walls. after those events eren vows to slaughter all the titans.

the characters

the characters are not all killing machines the characters are weak and they acknowledge that. they have weaknesses and their strengths, and most of all they are afraid they aren't invincible and afraid of nothing. their personaltites are unique, an interesting, watching the characters develop has been interesting.

the story

 this is a story unlike any other  its so original, and has alot of potential. there is a lot of mystery shrouding the history of the titans, and the story progresses quite quickly.


the anime gets better with each episode no episode is unimportant to the story, the animation gets better with each eps, the opening and ending are probably my favourite of any animes. characters are amazing same with the story.

5 out of 5 


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      A new type of anime

I have been watching anime ever since, and this type anime is particularly new to me, everything about it is unique in every way, ofcourse, each story line has to have a theme, and the theme of this anime is vengeance and the freedom, who would've thought that an author would use death and gore to it's pinultimate stage in an anime, it has been rarely used, and by far this was the only other anime/manga I have encountered to date (the other one is the unrated urotsukidoji series). Character build up is excellent, the story plot is quite amazing, the flash back scenes explains everything in detail (flashback is actually needed in anime/manga so explain to kids how things came to be), and best of all is the detailed animation, never have I encountered such emotional details in any anime such as this. Every episode on the anime keeps you holding in for more as each passing episode keeps you guessing on what will happen next. 

 To make this short, anime fans of my generation (which I can say around the  Era of Ch?denji Machine Voltes V came out) should have a look on this great, unique and amazing anime. It's worth the watch.

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