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     Its time to spread the word.

We have all heard the reviews and opinions of others about SAO at this time. I personally say Sword Art Online was amazing but it fell after they left Sword Art Online. However others also have valid points for saying it was still good. Regardless nothing I say will be convincing to sway your opinions since we have all already heard it before. This is why I come with a new Sword Art Online. One I think we all can agree fulfilled the true potential of this anime that it deserved. I found this on youtube and I bet many of you have seen it before. It is an abridged version however the episodes are almost the same length and yet its the same animation used, its a completely different story. Much more realistic and honestly its comedy is Godlike. The acting might bug you at first but it grows on you. I saw it and it must spread for its beauty to be given justice. So i figured I would do a Review on "SAO" Instead of SAO because this Abridged one deserves every bit of praise I can give. Even though its a fan made one it rivals most real anime with more character building and just better characters overall! It also keeps the realism of people you would normally see in an MMO. So check it out people! You will not regret it!  


P.S Also dont worry the SAO isnt like illegal or anything, youtube even lets it go on and we all know how bad youtube will stick ya for that. 

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The Fool
     This SAO is definitely better than the new one
SAO is filled with with fangasms! The first 1-14 episodes are just pure bliss! but 16-23 are not quiet my favorite... If you are going to watch the ALO season then just watch episode 15 then 24 and 25. It flows ok and skips all of the shitting parts. Nothing really happens during 16 to 23 execpt some fights but ya know they dont really have to do with saving the chick and arent that important. The last fight scene is great like really really good. The antoganist is definetly one of thee most easily hated villains EVER! In all of the history of anime! I have never really hated someone as much as him (with the exception of the ULTIMATE scumbag named Griffith form Berserk). It has a lot of drama and action. The characters are very real feeling and not boring at all. The romance in the first season has pretty much every other anime beat including SAO 2 xD. SAO 2 had like no romance. Kirito like completely forgot he married Asuna. (in the game but still they said that the game and real life wouldnt matter and their feelings would remain the same right?!) Well I still rewatch the first season of SAO and absolutely love it!!! I wouldn't reconmend the shit anime called SAO 2 which will never ever compare to this EVER! The only reason this got 4 stars and not 5 is because Kirito like forgot about Asuna and started flirting with his sis who he didnt know was his sis. But it is stiil good if you skip the in between parts. SAO 2 is just not the same. The feels it gives do not compare to this awesome show!
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      Has everything for everyone!

One of the greatest animes ever, It's an anime everyone must watch. I remember reading the manga before this anime became a hit so i knew what to expect but when i watched the anime wow, it surpassed my expectations. It was even better then the manga itself. After doing a bit of research i was surprised to find out Sword Art Online was one of the biggest sellers in Light Novel in Japan! I don't understand why people could possibly hate this anime when it's gotten such positive reviews. Unlike most Anime this doesn't have much Fan Service! Just like four or three scenes but compare to most anime it has so little. 

The animation 5/5: one of the greatest animations I've seen and it actually won an award for the best graphics of the year!

Story  5/5: So much death and emotions for this story plot i can't help but to rewatch it. Most people complain it was to short, well what anime isn't? There will always be an anime that skips majority of the details or scenes from the original source so if you want it to a longer extent check the original.

Characters: 4/5: It has characters personalities I've never seen much in anime before so it makes it worst watching! Although i do think the characters could be better, the only ones who are the best are Asuna and Kirito including a few more but that's all. 

Romance: 5/5 I think be it boy or girl you will love this romance, it's so good that you can't help but feel their love towards each other. Few Animes couples impact me this much.

SoundTracks: 5/5:It's brilliant, one of the best I've seen.

That is all i totally recommend this! Badass main characters and epic fighting. SAO4Life 

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      like it or not

it's one of the best anime for girls and boys

Don't stop watching it girls there is also romance and the plot is good from the beginning

The second season is out too by now

Don't stop watching you will see good episodes

Many people don't like GGO but believe me after GGO are good episodes like the first season

Believe me and you won't regret it for sure 

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      why do i love it?

with GGO on and have so many disappointing eps (so far but i still have hope) i downloaded and watched SAO and began to see why this show has attracted me so far and i came up with some conclusions:-

1) the story: the concept of VMMO is really great although its taken from hack (dont have time to watch it cuz of work) and seeing that u can control the avatar directly from the brain is really great and this what made this stands out the story of living in a game that if u die in it u die for real this is intense

2) main chara: kirito he is strong, smart, kind, ..... what else, anyway he is almost Mr.perfect adding any more and u get tatsuya which is not good having a strong MC is good but make him OP and the show (sometimes) become dull cuz u always know that the MC will win 1-hit-KO like dante from devil may cry (i really didnt like that show much) but kirito isn't Mr. perfect he had a few

3) romance: will i admit i always look up for shounen romance NOT harem and SAO had the chance to become harem but the MC choose immediately and the harem girls gave up and this is what made SAO stands as 1 of the great romance in anime world


thank u for reading this review and its my opinion about SAO so if u really agree with me vote yes and if not vote no and no hard feelings everyone has its own opinion :) 

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love the love story and by far an amazing anime season two ggo is bad ass I really think yall should watch it
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this is my best anime until now.....its romance , fantasy, adventure, background...animation are all awesome,but the storyline is a little rushed....i believe many people would wanna see how kirito level up or train ,truly saying...the most thing i wanna see is how he get his black blade calle 'elucidator' i heard he slay a dradon to get it.....just a rumor...but...well...the storyline is a little rushed....time passed too fast in just the first 12 episodes....well...other than that its all okay...btw...GGO came...now only until episode 4....but well...so far so good...><
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     NotAReview A Headsup
Second Season of Sword Art Online coming July 5th only 5 more days!
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    Sword Art Online is a turn your brain off anime.

The premise for this anime is great, if unoriginal, in the fact that the protagonist and 10,000 other players are stuck in a VRMMO and must clear every single floor of a floating castle in order to logout. this is not without consequences though, as if you die in game, you die in real life (again, unoriginal).

the artwork, animation, and soundtrack for this anime are all great.

However the issues start early in this anime. for one, there is little to no character development for anyone, let alone the main characters (who i can say there is really only 3 of through 25 episodes that get any real screen time).

the romance is heavily forced and doesn't feel realistic at all. the main character showed little interest in any girl romantically at all, and then just proposed to her in that same episode right out of the blue.

the story deviates from the premise as early as the third episode and proceeds to have around half (if not more) of the first 14 episodes be nothing more than filler episodes, which speaks volumes for the lack of plot driven writing in the actual light novel source material.

Dues Ex Machina writing is continously used throughout the series, as the protaginist repeatedly soloes raid bosses, which any gamer who has ever played an mmo knows, should not be possible, amongst other instances of events happening with little logical explanation.

frankly, if you are able to ignore the glaring flaws (and i only listed a small handful) and just want to see an action anime where you can turn your brain off and enjoy it, this is the anime for you. if you like to actually have to think about what and why is going on, stay away from this anime.

Story - 2/5 (mostly filler episodes, deviates from plot early, dues ex machina writing)

soundtrack - 5/5

animation - 5/5

character development - 1/5 (we get to spend decent amounts of time with up to 3 people in the series, and they fail to have any real development)

overall 3.25/5 



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      Amazing, Don't think twice, just watch it.

Amazing, this is my first word in mind after the first episode. I watched a lot of anime and i always skipped Sword Art Online, i thought that it will be a waste of time, but in the end i started to watch it. This anime has everything you need, from action, commedy, drama, rommance, sci-fi.

The story line is amazing asswell, i can't belive the they came up with such cool story.
Watch it at high quality because the detail in this anime is amazing. I can't stop using the word amazing to describe this anime.

If you see this review then you must, MUST watch it.

5 out of 5, if where 100 rating stars then my vote would 100.

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      Sword Art Online Review

Sword Art Online is a wonderful anime compiled of a mix of genres from Action, Adventure, Comedy, to even Romance and it does it in a perfect way. Yes the first season was rushed and felt like it put two seasons in one, it could have indeed been a much longer anime with all the content it has, I was a bit disappointed at how rushed it was, but the storyline, characters, animation, everything just felt great. I felt that Sword Art Online became an important thing in my life as I waited for the next episodes to be released. What made me even more happy was how fast they went from the japanese subbed to the english dubbed. They have really been quick to bring us content. I can watch this anime over and over again and never get bored, I still don't like the ending of season one (wont spoil it) but this anime has definitely become my favorite. I often find myself urging to want to watch it again especially when I see easter eggs of it in other animes such as the figurines in Oreimo, or the posters in Outbreak Company of SAO. Its a popular anime and they did a GREAT job with it. I hope that season 2 will be a bit slower and not so rushed, but rushed or not I still give this anime a 5 out of 5 and say that ANYONE who has not seen this anime should go watch it right away or never watch anime again >.> 

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     sakura sou no pet kanjo
it was a great anime with good art in it as it was very emotional and comedic personally i would recommened this anime to anyone but it depends on what genre basis do u like anime !!!! u should GO WATCH THIS ANIME !!!!!!!! :D :P
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   The inbetween.
The anime call Sword art online, is a show that many people seem to absolutely love, or despise it. Looking at my rating, it isn't difficult to understand what i think of this series. However i'll review it on a professional level and try to keep my personal feelings out of it.

Episode 1: Lets start with the first episode. as an intro to an anime, it very quickly pulls anyone into the show with in a few minutes of watching it. Then at the very end it introduced the "if you die in the game, you die in real life." Many people think that this was just a rip-off of dot hack. This is False, Both works were released at roughly the same time, Dot hack being about a year earlier. They were both however being worked on at the same time so, again SAO is not a rip-off. They just have the same premise.

Now lets talk about the concept of "death" in this anime. As it was said in the first episode, if you die in-game you die IRL. This is one of the many points that the anime misses completely. Many deaths that happen, could have easily been avoided. The very first death in the series where a player receives a motal wound and his HP is slowly dropping. Kirito(Main) has a potion in hand and was about to heal the player, but the player instead of taking the potion, decides to tell Kirito something before he dies. This death in my opinion was completely...Stupid. There is no other way i could look at it. The Slowly dying player refused a chance to live just so the show had a dark moment.

This is a very common thing in SAO too. A girl that Kirito had sort of gotten smitten to, was introduced in one episode, and killed off only 15 minutes later. This makes in near impossible for anyone to feel an emotional attachment to her and be saddened by her death. Then came the "daughter" another character that i felt nothing for because i instantly knew she would "die" cause she was the cute mysterious character. The only thing she had going for her was that she was cute. That was not enough for me to care about her at all.

Now lets look at something that everyone seems to want to ignore. The "romance" aspect in the anime.
I'm not going to argue the love Kirito and asuna have with each other. Its the other girls that fall in love with him that are the issue. At no point do any of these girls decide that they would rather be friends with Kirito, instead they all decide that within the span of a few minutes that they are in love with him.
This is probably my biggest issue with the show. If every female character hadn't fallen in love with Kirito, i could believe the romance in this show, instead it only feels like a cheesy Harem. 
The show is quite literally the definition of Harem too. 

Alright, now that those points are gone Let me do quick list of other qualities and faults the show has.

Music: The music is amazing, The ost of the show is something you could listen to over and over again without being bored for a long while.

Artwork: Again beautiful and was one of the best things about the series.

Pacing: the pacing was terrible, the worst i've ever seen. There are so many time skips and random jumps that its hard to follow anything thats' going on. 

Final evaluation: The series had a lot of potential  but because the anime creators decided to rush everything and squeeze two seasons into a series with less than 30 episodes is what doomed it. The anime would have been so much better if they made the first season the SAO arc, with about 20+ episodes to get everything done. THEN go into the ALO arc to continue the story.

Ranking: 2-5 stars for me. This series was decent but it isn't something i'll ever re-watch. 
I would only recommend this show if you are just getting into anime.
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      The Show is great, but the books are better
To clear this point up for some who seem to forget this fact, this series is actually one of the most popular light novels for the past eight years. The show is rushed, that is true, but the deep sense that these characters truly care for one another really shines through. The inner dialogue isn't really that prevalent as it gave a better insight into the characters past and their motivations. The plot is deceptively deep, if you want to skim off the top and call it a cheezy action anime that cashes in misses the point. It makes you ask yourself, where you draw the line with what is reality and what isn't. The main two points that I see bashing this series, is A). that it is rushed and B). that it is shallow. Seeing as the source material is roughly 12, 300 page novels and we only got the first 4. I'd wager that it was not really that rushed it is that they have a lot of material to cover, so it comes of as faster paced. The second point is not at fault with the series, it is again, with the viewer. If you want to find reasons to bash it, find plot incongruities or faulty dialogue, not that it is like the dime a dozen fighters that we have seen after DBZ, Naruto, Bleach and One Piece. Overall, I find that the series is well put together and tries its best to create a metaverse that will eventually link into the other series, Accel World. It's worth a watch for those who have not and for those that enjoy it, the next season is expected to come out soon. Otherwise, read the light novel.
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      No Words...

I have nothing to say. It's just brilliant. My second best rated Anime ever. :3

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    I liked it a lot just wait
So why did I give it 3 stars. Well I only gave it 3 stars because of the second season. I loved SOA hate the fairy theme thought it was unnecessary I thought it should have end after they all, well you will see. The point is if you watch anime in my opinion you are still partly a kid, now by kid I mean you still have a imagination you want more than the average story line you want somethings to be over dramatized, over the top action, and yes childish adolescent romance is that bad no real romance sucks, its usually all about sex, control, mutual respect, mutual caring, etc. Plain and simple its complex and sometimes worth it if you find someone who cares. All im saying is SOA has good characters that you can tell care about each other. The animation is good, the characters are likable so good, and final and foremost is if you don't like it that's okay maybe its not your thing, just remember when you wright a review to keep it civil by not putting others down who liked it and only have criticism on topics that fit a category of review  characters, animation, story, etc. Also remember its what keeps you young that prevents you from becoming a closed minded ass whole. Happy new year everybody and keep being a kid.      
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  Absolutely disgusting.

Sword Art Online is a gateway anime of the worst kind. It's a bad series, a clusterfuck of story and characterization that isn't very well done by any aspect, but which attempts to compensate for its weaknesses by adding in excessive shipping ****ry and self-insertion. The normal anime fan can see this as the shit it is, and may enjoy it, hate it or be indifferent to it, but all the while recognizing that the series itself, regardless of their opinion, is plain bad.

However, these very aspects that try to smear over the shit of its core make it a breeding ground for aspie, unsociable underageb& ****s who engage in every kind of ****ry both online and in the real world. The super powered gary stu main character always trying his hardest to look cool, the elongated, black and edgy long coat and everything about SAO world fuels their escapist fantasies, while the harem character backgrounds, make it fit just right with the mary-sueish drives of your average preteen and his sense of unwarranted self-importance towards the world. Exactly the kind of shit that makes little kiddies and underageb& retards eat this shit right the fuck up.

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Joe Hellman
this anime is amazing it has gaming, war fare, sword play, romance, love, comedy, deception, passion, mystery, and everything that makes an anime great Sword Art Online is now ranked among my top favorite anime's of all time and i recommend it to everybody.
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      Greatness: 100%
This anime is amazing, I watched it when it first aired and ive been a fan ever since. A boy name Kirito is trapped in a game and its a life or death situation, no spoilers intended. Im not really a big fan of "game" anime but this is my all time favorite. Ive watched Accel World and //:Hack but this is one caught my attention even more. The opening is simply amazing, the plot is fascinating, and the fights are very good. I hope this anime gets a 3rd season with GGO but for now i recommend any who hasnt watch this show to watch it.
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     An Anime that change everything.......

At first, the only anime I liked is Naruto. I thought that other anime's story doesn't makes sense. But, after watching SAO, I realized I was wrong.......

SAO is a very interesting anime......., it has action, adventure and many more........! I love the characters, especially Kirito (Kazuko Kirigaya). Almost everything in SAO is very coool.....!

But what I hate most is the SPOILER! It's so bad that I couldn't even sleep......., but still, if it weren't for SAO, I wouldn't be a Narutard forever.......

Arigato SAO.......


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