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      Great anime

I have enjoyed watching this Anime. The Anime is played in a World resembling the middle-age. The story is based around a Tribe named Gael. Riannon, the Daughter of the dead Leader, is kidnapped by imperial Soldiers and about to be sacrificed for the ressurection of the Demon Lord Arawn. But Arawn safes her and kills the Person who kidnapped Riannon. After that he marries Riannon and get´s to be the Leader of the Gael Tribe. But because of that the Gael Tribe is blammed by the Empire for revolting and has to leave their Home. After that the fighting of Arthur, Riannons brother and somewhat like the secondary Leader, Arawn and other companions aggainst the Empire begins. But that´s not all about the Story!


Everyone who loves to watch those kind of Animes with Elves, Dragons and Magic will love this one. The Story is interesting and developes with every Episode and has some really interesting Elements in it. The fighting Scenes are good and enjoyable and the Characters are well designed and lively. The Anime itself hasn´t much Gags and is more serious than other Anime, but the lively Characters supporting the "Fun Part" of this Anime really well. I personally love those kind of Animes, where the Characters fight together for their Friends and helping each other out to survive.


I hope my Review could motivate you for watching this Anime. It´s definitly worth it!

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