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 Comments (3 total)
Posted by:  StinkyKush, 1431 days ago || ( Videos: | 0 Favorites | 0 Friends)

so already when it only had half its chakra the 9 tails was WAY WAY WAY more powerful than any other tails. It was already to the point I thought it was over powered (like how he gave every single ninja god chakra, that was retarded) so im scared to think that will happen now, probably turn everyone into sage mode

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Posted by:  problem naruto, 1431 days ago || ( Videos: | 0 Favorites | 0 Friends)

Naruto is too fucking strong. Fall back Sasuke
you ain't ready my man.

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Posted by:  narutouchiha, 1433 days ago || ( Videos: | 125 Favorites | 4 Friends)

to epicccccccccccc

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