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 Comments (4 total)
Posted by:  problem naruto, 1854 days ago || ( Videos: | 0 Favorites | 0 Friends)

Damn they killed one of the best characters. Now stayr
dead my man. This is a war and people are supposed to die.

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Posted by:  narutouchiha, 1855 days ago || ( Videos: | 125 Favorites | 4 Friends)

that was deep, i hope everyone naruto grew up with doesn't starts dying and using the line Neji used.... And where's Sasuke ?????????????????????????????????????????? I want moreeeeeeeeeee !

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Posted by:  StinkyKush, 1856 days ago || ( Videos: | 0 Favorites | 0 Friends)

tsunade probably died to heal the other kage and naruto will become new hokage, Obito will use revive jutsu to bring back everyone from the war (just like pain did.. real original Kishi) the war has really made me dislike Naruto in general and went from one of my favourite shows to making me almost not want to watch/read anymore. If t hey were going to kill Neji off they should of just done it when he was fighting spider guy because at least that was a bad ass and heroic battle, not this lame ass shit

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Posted by:  StinkyKush, 1857 days ago || ( Videos: | 0 Favorites | 0 Friends)

lol that was such a weak death, and what does that even mean " apparently my life was one of yours" wtf?!? Seriously though that was so lame, he just jumped in front of hinata, why didn't she just block those spikes, she didn't even do anything to help before. And why did kakashi have to save sakura from the spikes, when she fought Sasori she dodge way more spikes/needles than that. Guess the creator forgot a bout that. Still think this is one of the lamest deaths ever for a main character (but leave that to creator of Naruto to think of something like this) Im sure Obito will probably just give his life and use reviving jutsu on everyone just like pain did or some gay shit like that

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