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Year: 2010
Tags: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Mecha, Shounen, Military
Rating: R- 17+ Violence & Profanity

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Break Blade

In the continent of Cruzon, an impending war between the Kingdom of Krisna and the nation of Athens is brimming. The people of this land are able to use quartz for whatever purpose they desire. Yet one person, Rygart Arrow, is not. He is an "un-sorcerer," a person unable to use quartz. But this characteristic will enable him to pilot an ancient Golem, one strong enough to put up a fight against the invading army of Athens.
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"Break Blade" Reviews
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ok this show is set in a world were  the ability to use quarts which a gem like things that have can only be used if u have magic. which mean every one has magic except that 1% of a chance ur born without any like the main character. the show is about a war between two nations and the struggle the characters face through the war from kill thier first person to blamiing themselves for the death of a comrade. its shows the struggle of wanting wats best for ur people but not being able to give up or u forfit ur life.

Lastly it show the struggles of friendship betwwen the Hodr, Lygart, and the prince of the enemy kingdom Artimes. Ps i forgot the princes name sry.

PSS: give this show a watch u'll enjoy it

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     Worth it!

This anime is somewhat different from many of the other recent animes i have watched.

It has 50 minutes episodes, and therefore the episodes are slow to release, I actually like 20 minutes once per week than 50 minutes per month... i tend to forget the details in the waiting time :P

Well, this anime is very good, it has some comedy, mecha and action parts to it. I have never actually personally liked mecha animes very much, but the story, artwork and action is pretty much enough to keep me going.

 The plot is set on a imaginary world (i guess). Every human being is able to freely control some kind of element called Quartz, with it, they can power everything from motorcycles to cooffee machines, and the better the people are to control this rock-gem-thing, the stronger they are.. 

The Artwork, both with details as backgrounds and characters are pretty good, its different from many other animes, and that is what makes it good.


I gave it a big 4 out of 5 rating, Because i dont particularily like mecha animes (Personal opinion.) It still have some interesting character and plot, some good comedy and the action required aswell to get it up to the 4 in rating.

 For those who likes mecha stuff, absolutely, gogo watch it already...

For those who dont, or simply despise it: i ask you, give it a shot, its not as bad as you might think just because of the big metal lumps.. 

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