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NWANIME won't let me edit my reviews, sorry!

 Disclaimer - I am just a reviewer with an opinion. Please, send me yours! I need the kindling.

 IF ANYONE CAN TELL ME HOW TO MAKE THE FORMATTING OF TEXT BOXES BEHAVE ON THIS SITE, I'D BE ETERNALLY GRATEFUL! --- seriously, every " ' " is replaced with a "\" it's terrible! -----------------------



5 Star Series'!

This space is reserved for those extra special shows that get the full 5-star treatment! Expect a very underpopulated list from this reviewer... my stars are harder to get than Kaizo Mario

- Zankyou No Terror 


Wow, that was a short list. 



I review things, please send me your reviews of my reviews for me to review.


Things I have reviewed that didn't get the big 5-star love. (incidentally, I've noticed that if you don't give an anime 5 stars, people down vote... I suppose the only people who care enough to read a review of a show absolutely love or hate it and seek validation of their opinion from a stranger)

-- Kimi ni Todoke 

-- Bleach (for the flames)

-- Ookami-San~

-- Zelda (an in-depth, episodic analysis) 

-- Free! (Or Swim! I forget)

-- Lucky Star


Things to review (not necessarily good) -

-- Mirai Nikki (Future Diary)

-- Uchū Kyōdai (Space Bros. {CoastToCoast})

-- Kids on the Slope

-- Mononoke (no, not the princess)

-- Madoka~

-- Your Lie in April (Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso)  

-- Watamote

-- Naruto?

-- Samurai Champloo

-- Code Geass R1 & R2

-- Hetalia

-- Black Lagoon

-- The Simpsons

-- The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

-- No Game, No Life

-- Kill Me Baby

-- Mitsudomoe

-- Moyashimon (?)

-- Are you really reading this list?

-- Squid Girl (Ika ika ga desu ka?)

-- Another

-- Bokurano (Nasha!)

-- Baccano!

-- Big Windup

-- Pokemon

-- Jurgomond

-- There's alot basically

-- Humanity has Declined!

-- Trinity Blood

-- Summer Wars

-- That story about those wolf kids living in the mountain with their mother, I forget what it's called.

-- Dragon Ball

-- Rozen Maiden (the new or old one?)

-- Full Metal Alchemist (the old or new one?)

-- Planetas

-- Desert Punk 


(last updated 01/27/15)



Things I plan to watch (as recommended by people I know and love):------------------------


-- Cowboy Bebop

-- Neon Geneis Evangelion?

-- Akira

-- Panzer Tank girls thing

-- Ghost in a Shell


If YOU have any anime you'd recommend, please send me a poorly formatted message blathering about why I suck and why this anime will blow my mind and/or change my life and sexual orientation. YOUR favorite shows might make the list! (not bloody likely)




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