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Year: 2014
Tags: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

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Akame ga Kill!

In a fantasy world, fighter Tatsumi sets out for the Capitol to earn money for his starving village, and finds a world of unimaginable corruption, all spreading from the depraved Prime Minister who controls the child Emperor's ear. After nearly becoming a victim of this corruption himself, Tatsumi is recruited by Night Raid, a group of assassins dedicated to eliminating the corruption plaguing the Capitol by mercilessly killing those responsible.
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"Akame ga Kill!" Reviews
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     Good, but the ending misses the point.

Alright I like this anime, first 8 or so episodes especially. The animation is great, not perfect, but very good nonetheless. The action likewise is superb and never feels too cartoonish or too gory, but strikes a nice balance. Characters were nicely rendered and different, if not all 3 dimensional. Pacing was a bit of an issue with episodes in the middle going more for comedy than the rest of the series, but I put that down to a lack of polish as a lull in the middle of a story is normal.


The story is the reason I gave this a 4 rather than a 5 though. Simply put it glorifies the assassination a little too much. At first I thought this was supposed to be a juxtaposition - the fervor of a cause versus the grim reality; but the end seems to suggest we were always supposed to see these people as sad heroes rather than a necessary evil(let's face it killing someone in cold blood with no trial isn't really justified) to be the catalyst for change.


(SPOILER)In my opinion this is the problem and what it seemed to be going for with the one-by-one death of their members for mostly revenge. The end should have had everyone on both sides dead with one last "heroic" sacrifice, THEN have a final episode showing these events from the standpoint of a citizen, the chaos and death caused by Night Raid and the subsequent worsening as the two sides clashed openly, THEN things get better both because of Night Raid's actions and their death combined. Leave it ambiguous, but that's my opinion.(END SPOILER)


Animation: 4.5/5

Action: 5/5

Plot: 4/5 

Pacing: 4/5

Characters: 3.5/5 

Age Suggestion: 15+ 

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      An honest Opinion and a new description

Before watching this, please disregard the description, totally not the case in this anime.

Here's my version of the description:

In a fantasy world a Kingdom created 48 imperial arms with the core of powerful beasts, only SS class beasts or Mega Beasts with unique powers are used to create an Imperial Arm.

However after the untimely death of the king, the Capital is left to be ruled by his juvenile son, far from ready to be ruling over thousands of lives. Since the young king is too young, he needs counselling from the Kingdoms Minister.Controlled by the Minister, the naìve king is merely a puppet to a new age of Tyranny. 

The Revolution Army was born with one single goal. Kill the Minister 

Among the "Rebels" there a select few who are incredibly skilled, these assassins are called Night Raid. 


Now for my review:

 Soundtrack: 5/5

 Animation: 5/5


(this is for the people who already watched, i trust that you stop reading if you haven't watched)

Yes, it did stray away from the manga and it really doesn't give a damn about your feelings. But it did make you interested in reading the manga, Clever Girl.

the only problem that i have which bothered me alot is that why introduce us to tatsumi's story in the first episode if you're gonna give a whole different ending, and the only one who survived was the one he didn't get that much screen time to the point that it totally makes sense that she's just a side character, well thats just my opinion but i like the 1 for 1 trades it had through the season (that fucking white dog, good fuckin riddance you little shit)

this anime has the most hated villain for 2014, how hated you ask? This bitch made Slaine from Aldnoah zero a runner up for most hated character.

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     First couple of episodes are not so bad but....

I can't say i really love this anime but it's definitely one my personal favorites and on my Anime list. I really love how the directors mainly focused on Akame and her relationship with her sister Kurome. They putted there feelings first and gave these two characters a lot of the spotlight with opening & ending music. Including beautiful scenes of these two sisters in the anime. We can really see there love towards each other despite the hate. 

   This anime is about the main character named Tatsumi who before joining the army to earn a lot of money for his dying Village, but before succumbing to the empire he is warned that it isn't what appears to be.

I really love how there's finally an anime about corrupted Rulers and such. And in order to save his village he takes up the offer of putting his life on the line to become a assassin and destroy the empire rulers so the people could finally rebuild their kingdom from its ashes. Even if in the end they will be forgotten by history and not be remembered as a hero, they're assassins after all. It's mostly in mangas that you see that sorta thing.  

      Besides that, the animation is wonderful and action too! this anime satisfying and pretty darn good romance! It's worth giving this piece of work a shot! 

     My only complains are that this anime is to CLEAN! To first watchers it would probably just appear as nonsense killing. There are a few loopholes that don't make much sense either. For example, in the first couple of episodes it goes in a perfect flow along the manga but somewhere along the way it suddenly turns to a different story.

         But....When i mean clean it's that the Original Story has a lot of gory and dark scenes. Yes, this manga is very dark. They probably toned it down for the kids. The anime ignores half of the details and feelings of some characters. I don't want to spoil anything but in the manga Akame shows some expressions of her interest towards the main character. So i recommend you check out the manga first then head to this anime so things will more a lot more enjoyable and clearer. Happy watching! Take my advice to heart! 

This has made a very good hit that I'm not surprised if there's a new season about "AKame Ga Kiru Zero!" Like I said i wont spoil anything so check it out yourself. 

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    Decent Shonen
When I saw the first episode of Akame ga Kill it really appealed to me. Not only was its Animation on point and fluid, the gore was not censored like it unfortunaly is in a lot of Shows nowadays.From an entertainment Standpoint I would probably give Akame Ga Kill a 5 out of 5, but because I have seen a lot of good Anime and thus am able to spot flaws much easier, I cant overlook the bad things about Akame Ga Kill. Maybe part of the reason I didnt give Akame Ga Kill a 5 rating is because I am out of my teens and only give 5 to the really good shows, maybe I am being to much of a critic. Anyways Akame Ga Kill is not a bad Show, although it isnt a Masterpiece either. So with that in Mind you sure can expect to like it if your aim is a good Shonen with lots of Action and good Animation. Just dont expect your favourite character to survive for too long since the creator seems to have taken a liking to kill of one char after the other. Sure it adds to the athmosphere and makes the plot a lot more tense, but I kinda got used to it and rather then being shocked I get annoyed. The character Designs are amazing and a welcome difference in the genre. This being said a 3 out of 5 isnt so bad and you might very well enjoy this Show.
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    Fun to watch but you're not going to learn a single damn thing.

Reviewed at ep 14.

For people new to anime, sure go ahead and watch it, you'll prob find it rather entertaining.

For everyone else who's sort of past that stage of watching pointless badass animes, this is not for you. Everything is generic - all the characters, all their back stories, all the superpowers, all the deaths, all the doki doki romance, and all the inaction regarding said romance.

Sure, Esdeath is totally badass in the most OP way (the 'cheapest' way to make someone badass) and completely and illogically in love with the main character and that's interesting and all, but that's about the only interesting thing about this show.

I personally don't care on an emotional level about any characters apart from Esdeath (oh her voice actress is pretty boss), which is really saying something due to the large cast and the amount of time spent on back stories. Even so, I can see this liking to Esdeath to fade over time as pretty much all the characters are completely one-dimensional.

Since this is a typical shounen with a little more blood, I doubt anything game-changing is going to happen. e.g. Tatsumi finally hooking up Esdeath and joining her for good. So yeah. Plot is predictable, lacks depth, generic characters, and no emotional connection.

That being said, it's not a bad anime, or else I would've rated it 1/5. With the amount of junk series coming out nowadays, this one may fill your time for awhile while waiting for the really good ones.

Or maybe you would just like to lay back on your bed and switch your brain off as you enjoy some shounen anime. That's fine, even I do that sometimes too, hence being at episode 14 now.

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